The Real Housewives of Miami Season Premiere Recap: A Tale of Two Miamis

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The Real Housewives of Miami returned with a  "A Tale of Two Miamis." I'm not sure even one was necessary. but let's recap all of the plastic faces and sleazy boyfriends in our THG +/- review.

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    I actually liked it better than first season and good they kept the old MIA and changed the new ones. The show is appealing maybe to the latin audience and Not all latinas look like mexicans nor dark skinned. If the show is in MIA the world knows this is cuban territorry, period. Cuban women can be very different, in the MIA social scene the ones with money are from spanish descent. White skin is not exclusive of northamericans. WE come in all colors ans shapes...


    OK, I now realize what's wrong with Real Housewives of Miami. I'm in Texas and all the Latinos I know don't look like these women. Put some darker skinned Latinas on the show, maybe have it in Dallas or Houston instead. It seems like the show is racist towards darker skinned Latinas which is unfair to Latina women in general. I know Latinas have different skin complexions. But, why doesn't the show reflects this? Put on a gorgeous Afro-Cuban, or a someone from Mexico that looks Mexican.

    @ Sharon

    All Latinos? I lived in Houston and tons of Latinos are not darker than those Latinas, there are Colombians, Mexicans, Cubans, Venezuelans etc here in Texas of many shades. You must be a black mad person from the outskirts of Texas who assumes that if you're not dark, you're not hispanic or something which is ridiculous and ignorant.For you to want to see an Afro-Cuban when Afro's do not even pass for a Latino in Texas..


    The daughter, Marysol, should get her mother off that merry-go- round. As a narcissist (I mean look at the fillers in her face forgodssake)the old lady enjoys the exploitation but why does the audience have to look at it? The women is ill, she can barely walk or think straight.. something is very wrong here..


    I think that they over produced and showed Elsa she was funny the first season but now seems to have fake lines and bits that seem very fake thus not funny. I saw the blond Barbie with the efeminate husband is she on show still ? The show is still weak,,,we will see.


    I didn't watch the first season. Tried to watch on Thurs but I can't. I tried to watch it 3 times but I just can't get into these Miami women. It's a shame bc I love the Housevives franchise. Just can not not not watch Miami. Won't try again.

    @ Abc

    I feel the same. I love most of the housewife franchises, but Miami is a dull, contribed bore. Same old, same old, every episode. What a bunch of mean girls in love with themselves. EVERYBODY comes off badly.


    I missed the first episode of “Real Housewives of Miami,” and thank you for the recap it was hilarious. For not having seen the first season, you have a pretty good grasp of these women. I pre-set my Hopper to record the new season since I will be starting a new work schedule at Dish. I’m not shocked to find out Marysol and her French-man broke up. I can’t wait to get caught up on all the drama; good thing I have a ton of DVR space to see Mama Elsa in all her glory.


    You gotta love Elsa! She needs her own show! I tuned in to see if marysol was still married to that slick Frenchman. Not surprised that was over. He seemed a bit of a gold digger. Like Brooks on orange county, just with a different accent and better teeth.

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