The Oogieloves Anchor Biggest Box Office Flop of All-Time

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It's okay, John Carter. You can relax now.

A slow weekend at the box office revealed a new champion (horror film The Possession, which grabbed the top spot from back-to-back winner The Expendables 2) and a new basement feeder, as The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure set the mark for worst opening of any movie in history that opened in between 2,000 and 2,5000 theaters.

This Teletubbies-like kids flick brought in $448,131. Total. That's an average of $200 per screen for a movie that reportedly cost $20 million to make and $40 million to market.

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On the complete flipside, The Avengers passed the $1.5 billion mark in total box office earnings, while Shia LaBeouf saw his streak of seven consecutive number-one openings come to an end.

Here's a look at the top five and remember: for all your movie news, visit our friends at Movie Fanatic.

  1. The Possession, $17.7 million
  2. Lawless, $9.7 million
  3. The Expendables 2, $8.8 million
  4. The Bourne Legacy, $7.2 million
  5. ParaNorman, $6.6 million

We spent $37 dollars for a family of four to see this movie. The movie theater should have paid us to watch it. Thank goodness I smuggled in my own popcorn and snacks for the kids.


That movie looks creepy. I'm glad i'm not the only one with the scary teletubbie vibe. My kids dont even look interested in the 30 sec commercial, thankfully. No way am i seeing it or buying it


Matt is so bent on erasing my.posts running and checking every story all day and night any story he writes he makes stupid mistakes what is 2,5000.Maybe instead of ranting racist republican crap you might pay attention for your 49.50 a hour.


I'm going too see the Oogieloves today. Not to laugh at how badly it did, but when something is this big of a trainwreck, I have to be a part of it. Plus I feel like seeing this movie will be like giving a charitable donation. Not to mention that I will be the PROUD owner of an Oogieloves ticket stub. Those will be very rare soon.