Teresa Giudice Admits: I Need Help

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One Real Housewives of New Jersey castmate is done with her.

Another wants her to go to Hell.

No, it's not easy to be Teresa Giudice these days, as the reality star opens up in the latest In Touch Weekly and admits she suffered a breakdown following the Season 4 reunion special.

Teresa Giudice Tabloid Story

"After the taping was done, I broke down. I started crying, and I couldn’t stop," Teresa tells the tabloid.

Despite apparent evidence to the contrary, meanwhile, Giudice insists she never set out to expose sister-in-law Melissa Gorga as a former stripper.

“I know in my heart I did nothing. I feel like I’m making myself sick over this," she says.

The supposedly Real Housewife also refers to her non-existent bond with her brother as "heartbreaking" and wonders whether fame is to blame for their falling out. Does this mean she's quitting the show?

Of course not.

“I need help,” she at least admits. “Everyone is against me and ganging up on me.”

For more from Giudice, pick up the new issue of In Touch. It's on newsstands now.


At first I was hoping things would work out on the show but I see that can not happen.I hope Ms Guidice takes a good look around her and walks away from the show.It is very painful when people you held close to you turn into greedy famewhores and that is just what the Manzo`s,larquites,Gorga`s and Waklite are.

@ etta

I agree with you, Why can't people see Caroline for the "garbage" "pig" that she is. The titles she places on others are a reflection of herself

@ Ms. Mo1122

Agree. Caroline is a witch


First I have to say i hate the new format. How are they going to continue filming rhw of nj with Theresa if no one will tolerate being around her? She has gone too far too many times, even by reality tv standards.


1st I had the new format please change it back. Now about Teresa...it's so sad that she didn't realize what good friends Jacqueline & Caroline really were. If she apologized & stopped talking about them in the press they would've forgiven her & stood by her. They did so against Danielle & Melissa. She did apologize but never took any responsibility & kept giving interviews about them. She then lies about getting paid when her husband said she did. She is going to crash & have no one but hanger on's around.


Oh please another pay check to Theresa for more of her crap stories.


Lauren Manzo calls Theresa a "dickhead" and tells her that "people commit suicide from being called fat"! Ummmm.....Lauren, people also commit suicide from being bullied! And you and your big-mouth mother are the worst of the bullies on this show!

@ ClevelandRoxGirl

Agree. Lauren is a bully back up of mommy bully caroline.stay out of it, lap band girl

@ ClevelandRoxGirl

I don't see Caroline as a bully. I see someone who feels betrayed for standing by someone & standing up for them only to be talked about & trashed in magazines etc. Teresa says everyone is jealous of her, lies to her, sets her up, backstabs her but she does nothing wrong?!?! Her & her trashy husband are raising brats for kids & setting a horrible example. That lying is ok.

@ LoLo

Bully making fun of bully original

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