Teresa Giudice Admits: I Need Help

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One Real Housewives of New Jersey castmate is done with her.

Another wants her to go to Hell.

No, it's not easy to be Teresa Giudice these days, as the reality star opens up in the latest In Touch Weekly and admits she suffered a breakdown following the Season 4 reunion special.

Teresa Giudice Tabloid Story

"After the taping was done, I broke down. I started crying, and I couldn’t stop," Teresa tells the tabloid.

Despite apparent evidence to the contrary, meanwhile, Giudice insists she never set out to expose sister-in-law Melissa Gorga as a former stripper.

“I know in my heart I did nothing. I feel like I’m making myself sick over this," she says.

The supposedly Real Housewife also refers to her non-existent bond with her brother as "heartbreaking" and wonders whether fame is to blame for their falling out. Does this mean she's quitting the show?

Of course not.

“I need help,” she at least admits. “Everyone is against me and ganging up on me.”

For more from Giudice, pick up the new issue of In Touch. It's on newsstands now.

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Teresa was set up by producers, and. Cast mates. She walked away when he apoke of melissa at the salon. She stood up for Melissa, and told him not to sspeak about her family. I think all the cast mayes are jealois of teresas success, and they are trying to get the spot light off of her, and onto them. They are jealous haters and they are taking ot too far!!!! I would personally rather see a Tereasa show!!!


This show is becoming an embarassment to women. Andy Cohen could not possibly be more pro Theresa in his role as moderator unless it be printed in the credits. Wow - let the girls be themselves instead of BIG T's show. I will stop watching if it does not change.


For someone as outspoken as Teresa is, how come she didn't speak up and tell that man to get away from their table, knowing full well what the man was up to? Or, better yet, say something immediately to Melissa right at the table about her meeting with that idiot at the salon and what he said to her? She just made amends with her family and should have stood up for them immediately, especially against Kim The Creep, who was obviously behind this whole set-up. And why would anyone want to be envious of Teresa who has more money problems, a cheating husband and a broken family?

@ M

All of the Housewives seem to have money problems, not just Teresa. Jacqueline and Melissa are having hugh money problems and may lose everything. Caroline money problems, maybe. Kathy weird how to they earn their living? But to be fair in today's economy who isn't having problems. Why don't we put all of the politicans on a reality show and see if they improve.


Why would someone spend hard earned money
To read a madeup story. Who really cared.


Teresa NEVER liked Melissa. She is soooo jealous of her. Melissa is beautiful, talented, and her husband loves her. Teresa looks like an old racoon, uses her mother's recipes for her cookbooks, and her husband cheats on her. Get real. If they were to do a show about this family I for one would not watch it. We already have Honey Boo Boo on. Teresa NEVER assume responsibility for ANYTHING. She got what she deserved by everyone else on the show. They are sick of her lies and deception.


I feel sorry for Theresa. Absolutely 100 percent belive theresa didnt set up melissa. It was kim and whover potentially else. Kim got an obvious thri of false accusations. Theresa handled herself appropriately by walking out of the room when that scumbag strange man "outed" melissa.15 seconds of fame. Perhaps he wS paid by kim and unknown others to speak such vile on camera.Bully witch headmaster Caroline swooped in to "say told u so." Shame on caroline, jacqueline, kathy, melissa andhubby joe for assuming a set up via theresa. Clear as day that teresa loves her brother and melissa and walked away from the "revelation."it made her uncomfortable. I too agree why bring it up to melisa rsa what happened at posh,s salon visit.thersa should have informed melissa at posh show in private withou the cameras on. Her error. That is it. Everyone wants to assume teresa is bad, bad, bad,


Teresa does need help but not because people gang up on her, she needs help taking responsibility for her actions. She always says she never is to blame. She is alot to blame. She is so air headed and mean. She is only nice to someone when others are mad at her. She is not nor ever has been a true friend to anyone on the show.

@ guest

So true! Well said!

@ guest

She maybe airhead but her family was put on the show to take her down and Caroline is the head master. But she will not go down. who doesn't have faults. and Melissa will never be Teresa she told Joe to yell "shame on you" but he had enough sense not too.


As much as I dont like Teresa, she has a point. She was not involved in exposing Melissa, that honor goes to coke fiend KIm D. who set them both up. Teresa has said some nasty things about Melissa in the past, so its easy to see why she is being blamed. Yes fame has destroyed her, and her family, some people sell their soul for 30Lbs of silver, Teresa is one of them.


come on have any of you watched this show??? Theresa's husband call's Melissa name's like raccoon face. Her children make rude and rotten comments. And they allow it! She has never had a kind word for anyone. I could only hope to have a family like Caroline's, the children have manners and respect. I move out of the country to get away from this women (Theresa) if she were in my family!

@ dena353

Joe is like a typical manly man. He is tring to make teresa feel loved. That is how a supportiv ehubby or friend may do it. Name callingof target who has hurt his wife.. in private.I.like joe. But it appears he is cheating. That is sad, selfish and horrible.

@ dena353

you have selective ears, do you not hear all the things they say about Teresa


I can only imagine what was really said by Ms Guidice because I don`t believe the words you did print were even close to what she said.