Suri Cruise ABANDONED by Tom, Magazine Claims

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Suri Cruise hasn't seen her famous dad in 48 days.

Has he ABANDONED her, as this tabloid claims??

In reality he's just working. Whether Tom Cruise has prioritized his movie career over his home life to the point where it's hurt his three marriages is an open question, but "abandoned" is a strong word, given how he provides for Suri.

There's also the fact that ... Katie Holmes left him.

Suri Cruise Abandoned

If by "abandon" In Touch means shoot movies in London, Iceland, New Orleans and New York for the past six weeks, then yeah. Sure. Bit of a stretch though, no?

It's true that Tom hasn't been publicly seen with Suri Cruise in more than 48 days, since their vacation to Disney World on August 2, and yes, of course that's sad.

At the same time, many kids don't have two parents at all, and Tom and Katie Holmes, who has primary custody of Suri, have always tried to put their girl first.

By all accounts the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce was settled quickly, amicably and fairly for her benefit and each will continue to be involved in Suri's life.

Katie will be more so, but she has primary custody. This is just how some divorces work out; it's hard to call Tom an absentee father under the circumstances.

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Jane smith7

Take a guess how many divorced parents would give their right arm to have a personal jet on standby to see their kids once a week? I bet there are thousands of military dads in Afghanistan that would travel all day and night just to see their kids for an hour and would gladly do that on a weekly basis. If there is any time that a child needs extra reassurance that both parents are going to remain permanent fixtures in their lives-it's right after a divorce. His absence away from her this long speaks volumes about him.

Jane smith7

Scientology PR is working overtime to make Tom's feeble gestures toward Suri seem relevant. Anyone remember this many stories about him contacting his other two kids over the years whenever he was making movies away from home? I can't recall a single one. So he calls Suri once a day. BFD. Nothing takes the place of the parent actually being there. And to somehow infer that his making a movie takes priority is just plain silly. If he was a specialist brain surgeon...maybe. But since when does play acting while making a movie become so urgent that he can't take a day or two off to see his child once a week? Don't tell me Cruise couldn't have made that one of the stipulations of his contract. His lawyer talks about him like he's on the brink of curing cancer and can't get away.


If either parent is posturing to gain some sort of advantage (such as Tom deciding to make suri miss him so much she wants to live with him) or some other sicko maneuver, it only hurts the child, can't you see? He seems to be distancing himself from her for a reason--scientology maybe? Don't play with her emotions (a little six year old).


He's not working, he's sacraficing children to a fake religon, can't wait for him and the other cult members to get to purgatory, no other gods before the one God. Lol one way ticket, at least Hubbard will be there to greet him, RAH HA HA HA HA HA!


He's not working, he's sacraficing children to a fake religon, can't wait for him and the other cult members to get to purgatory, no other gods before the one God. Lol one way ticket.

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