Stand Up to Cancer: Taylor Swift Debuts New Song

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Celebrities from around the world and around every industry came together last night for Stand Up to Cancer, a telethon on every major network that was dedicated to raising money to combat this terrible disease.

Among the highlights, Taylor Swift debuted the track "Ronan," a single she wrote with Maya Thompson, whose 3-year-old son Ronan died of neuroblastoma last year. Watch the beautiful acoustic performance now:


  • Children diagnosed with cancer spoke on their illness, including three-year old Justin Miller who said: "I don't really think about me passing away. But if I do, I'm taking my Legos with me."
  • Alicia Keys, Coldplay and Tim McGraw all performed.
  • Katie Couric, who lost her husband to colon cancer, took a swipe at Chelsea Handler while espousing preventative screening and colon health and talking about a cleanse that "comes in vanilla, strawberry... I think Chelsea Handler even has one that's vodka-flavored. It is not the tastiest beverage in the world, but it is a small price to pay for potentially saving your own life."
  • Robert Pattinson urged viewers to donate and support cancer research.

It's not too late, readers. Visit the American Cancer Society website and give what you can right now.


Amazing, My friend.


That is an amazing song by an amazing artist. It is nice to see people of her stature do something for someone else.


............breast cancer?


Be aware!!! SEptembris Childhood Cancer Awareness month, my daughter was diagnosed with Leukmia at the age of 5. We are aware every day, to all the survivors, and the fighters, and those who have lost the battle


It was so touching. It was clear she was singing from her heart. Taylor is a lovely young woman. She is an excellent roll model for America's young girls.


I cried like a baby through that whole song. Just breaks your heart. I don't have kids yet, buy I think I need to go cuddle with my nephews now. Beautiful song though and she did a great job!

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