Snoop Dogg Endorses Obama: He Cleaned Half That $h!t Up in Four Years!

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Snoop Dogg / Snoop Lion has offered an official endorsement of President Barack Obama, laying out his arguments in concise, not entirely illogical fashion.

At the Toronto International Film Festival, he made the case for giving Obama four more years in an expletive-filled, absurd, yet compelling manner.

"We need to give Obama four more years," he said. "Bush f*%ked up for eight years, so you gotta at least give him eight years. He cleaned half the $h!t up in four years."

Snoop continued his defense of our 44th President, metaphorically accusing Bush of leaving the White House in shambles and handing Obama a real fixer-upper.

"It ain't like y'all gave him a clean house. You gave him a house where the TV didn't work, the toilet was stuffed up. Everything was wrong with the house."

"So he had to come in and get y'all thing together."

Dogg-Lion then pivoted to the Obama administration's success in killing Osama bin Laden, the world's most notorious terrorist, in a covert raid last year.

"And then he went and knocked down our most hated, our most wanted. The one who had our terror warning on red or orange or whatever color it was."

"He went and found him. The one Bush couldn't seem to find, the one who seemed to fly away on the day of 9/11 ... he went and found him. Remember that?"

"Don't forget about that. Now everybody is peaceful and able to move around and have a good time. It's because he made that happen. So please don't forget that."

"So give him four [more] years to get this thing together and finish this deal out. You heard what [Bill] Clinton said? You loved Bill Clinton, didn't ya?"

Did ya?


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