Sisters of Robert Pattinson: Do NOT Reconcile with Kristen Stewart!

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With over 22,000 votes cast so far, 70% of THG readers believe Robert Pattinson should NOT forgive Kristen Stewart and take her back.

Count the actor's sisters among this large majority.

Sources tell Radar Online that Lizzy and Victoria Pattinson have made their feelings very well known to their famous brother. Simply put, according to the insider:

“They will kill him if he gets back with Kristen."

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Lizzy and Victoria feel awful for their sibling, and they want to see Rob happy, but they are "pretty unforgiving over Kristen’s actions," this source says, adding:

“They believe Robert should embrace singledom, throw himself into work and not consider settling down with anyone until he’s ready."

Sounds like a logical plan to us, and it's one Pattinson appears prepared to follow. He is reportedly selling the house he shared with Stewart and may even move to London.

While we'd all miss him in the States, we can all agree that a clean, fresh, happy start for Robert is far more important than having him close by, right?



I agree with his siters, knew his family would be the support he needed. Summit should not ask him to be seen w/Kristen while promoting the last of the Twilight saga. It will not bode well for them. I am sick of hearing she was so young, she should be forgiven. I hope he takes time, and allows himself to grow, both emotionally and career wise, before getting into another relationship. He is a wonderful actor with a great deal of potential, and also a really nice person.


There are a lot of immature people posting here who really don't have much life experience.. Fact: the girl broke his trust and was messing around with a married man who was also her producer..whilst living with Rob who was supposedly the love of her life. When love is new and fresh--we should not have eyes or desire for anyone else....She did. If she did it now--she'll do it again later... Rob listen to your sisters and move


Tamara its crazy isn't it? I keep reading posts from people who say they "can't live" if these people don't reconcile. It's frightening. That's why back in the day famous people were advised by their handlers not to disclose certain aspects of their private lives. The Beatles tried to hide their relationships because the fans got so emotionally involved. I get that its impossible in this day to hide private lives from the media tho.


It makes me sick that I keep reading advice for Kristen and Robert about wether they should reconcile or not. We do not know them personally, we are not privy to how their relationship is or was. Love is love, either it's strong enough to heal the hurt and only grow stronger or it will turn bad and end here. Either way nobody has the right to judge them, although the romantic in me always hopes for the happy ending, I know to well life doesn't always go the way we hope!


C'on guys this ppl were in love, they were very much in love, until K kissed a man and remember i said kissed not sex so u see that there no big deal, but ppl makes mistake smtimes and when they do they learn frm it but that doesn't mean that R should not get back with K if they are still in love with each other then so b it... I think they should get back 2gether again... (1 love)

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