Sisters of Robert Pattinson: Do NOT Reconcile with Kristen Stewart!

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With over 22,000 votes cast so far, 70% of THG readers believe Robert Pattinson should NOT forgive Kristen Stewart and take her back.

Count the actor's sisters among this large majority.

Sources tell Radar Online that Lizzy and Victoria Pattinson have made their feelings very well known to their famous brother. Simply put, according to the insider:

“They will kill him if he gets back with Kristen."

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Lizzy and Victoria feel awful for their sibling, and they want to see Rob happy, but they are "pretty unforgiving over Kristen’s actions," this source says, adding:

“They believe Robert should embrace singledom, throw himself into work and not consider settling down with anyone until he’s ready."

Sounds like a logical plan to us, and it's one Pattinson appears prepared to follow. He is reportedly selling the house he shared with Stewart and may even move to London.

While we'd all miss him in the States, we can all agree that a clean, fresh, happy start for Robert is far more important than having him close by, right?



if most women forgives thier husband of cheating eg Kobi, bill clinton etc, then men should also give few change for forgiving women. we are all human. nobody is perfect.. she did wrong but men does such sometimes and YOU people thinks the woman should forgive that man that cheated on her. but once it is the woman that cheated on the man, you become very one-sided. men are egoistic and self centerd. we all make mistakes, Robbert could take her back if he wants. at the end of the day, that is thier own thing not ours


My heart is truly sad for the two of them. No one knows why she did what she did...and one can only imagine how heartbroken he was when he found out...time can start the healing process...unfortunately he will have to contend with visual images and that takes time to stop feeling so raw all the one knows how they both feel...I have been praying for them...and yes, I would love for them to reconcile...
Kristen and Rob, don't let what others say distract you...I'm sure that being embarrassed globally was not something either of you planned...if your heart still loves and can forgive, then follow your heart...Blessings to you both...


who are all these "sources"?????? and if theyre so close to the celebs why are they talking to goss sites and mags????? plus, i think he should forgive he.she ealiseswhat shes done and it not dong anyone anygod, them being apar, is it? (apart from the sources)


I think Rob should forgive her, but not get back with her. She lost him and she needs to deal with it!


"Sources say ..." Which sources? What a load of fantasy. The only person from Pattison's family who has commented on this so far has been his aunt who was quoted as saying it was a drop in the ocean and nobody's business but theirs. She was right of course, that's why the sisters have made no comment whatsoever. I cannot believe how many people actually believe his siblings have been discussing this in public. He doesn't come from that kind of family. This is a made up story as usual and it's getting very old now. I see the real perpetrator (a married man, twice Stewart's age and with children) has got off very lightly by comparison of Stewart's public hanging.


Even before this happened, Kristen said her life was too safe, that she needed someone to "fuck me over". A sexy woman wth a low boredom threshold like that can be fun to hang out with for a while but is unlikely to ever be a loyal partner for long. Rob's sisters are right - he needs to move on.


i have been on both ends of mr. pattinsons delima. i chose to forgive and move on. but i can tell you years down the road even though we stayed together there is always going to be rising doubt, pain, and hurt. Trust will never be the same. He will be better off leaving Kristen and I hope he heals before he jumps into the next one. as far as not knowing these people so we can't say.... millions of people knew princess di and mourned her lose. and she didn't have them on speed dial. the point being... the things that we do know of rob.. his character, his personality, his generousity to his fans.... yes i can love what i know of him. god bless you sweetheart, talk to the lord and do what is best for you. not me not your friends, not kristen be true to you. i wish i could take your pain away, I WOULD. love M


Let them do what they want it's no one else's business weather they reconcile or not! It's their decision, not his sisters or even his parents. Just his and Kristen's!




The truth...Robert and Kristen know what is in their hearts--no one else. Give them space to sort this out and make the right decision. Everyone else should respect their privacy (if possible) and allow them to work through the issue--regardless of the outcome. If they don't settle this relationship now--they are destined to face it later, i.e., in other relationships or years from now when they realize what they lost and reach out to each other again. It is up to them to decide what is valuable and if the relationship can be saved. If they are caught up in the moment and make a rash decision now--it won't be the right decision. Give them space to let go and trust their hearts. Why so down on Kristen? It takes two and Rupert Sanders certainly was in a power position. Was Kristin flattered or coerced? The line between acting and reality became blurred--why so quick to judge? Life isn't always painted in shades of "black or white" and love isn't either.

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