Sisters of Robert Pattinson: Do NOT Reconcile with Kristen Stewart!

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With over 22,000 votes cast so far, 70% of THG readers believe Robert Pattinson should NOT forgive Kristen Stewart and take her back.

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    Rob should really tell his sisters that he is a big boy I thing your sister are pretty selfish to tell brother that they would kill him if he goes back to ks how sad . You would rather see him unhappy it does not say much about you two women sad sad


    Good 4 you, i am glad that it worked 4 you! But & a big but, sometimes the trust is fragile, you question every moment they are late, are they playing away. Then the rows begin, Rob has forgiven kristen, so good luck to them.


    I agree I think everyone should stay at of their business, I also hope they do reconcile and that Robert will forgive Kristen and forget. if he still loves her and I know he does, I think that they will be fine. Robert and Kristen did look good together, and they were also very happy to. so I think Rob's sisters need to mind their own business, and quit tell him what to do he's a growing man let him make his own chose if he wants to be with Kristen he will. it's no one business not ours or any one not his fans or his friends/family. I wish Robert and Kristen the very best and good luck to both your biggest fan for ever you also have a friend in me if you want me to I love the both of you.


    Irish I would like to point out trust can be re-earned. My husband and I have been together for 10yrs we have both made mistakes we are not proud of and we have both had to learn to re-trust one another. Now with that being said, no his sister should not run his life he is a grown man with the ability to make his own choices. If he chooses to forgive her and chooses to be with her that is his choice and should forgiveness and understanding come from this perhaps they will only grow stronger together. I am not saying it will be easy, heck it will be harder for them because they are in a lime light with everyone watching their every move, but truth be told they can bounce back from this if they love they have for one another is a true and binding love.


    His sister's aren't suppose to run his life, I mean if he wants to get back with her they should be willing to forgive her too, she's paid for what she's done in so many way's. I mean who's life is it, his or there's???


    Rob's an A-hole. Even if kristen DID cheat on him he's being a jerk by unflattering comments about a girl he once used to love.


    Shouldn't Mr. Pattinson decide who are his friends?. If this whole affair is for real, men also have quality time outside a relationship. If it is a fake, then "Who shot J.R? - ( Reference: J.R. Ewing of Dallas series fame)


    Yeah.. I totally agree with tapon39.. Sisterhood is about supporting, not conducting your brother's life! You should just love him and be there for him, but not telling him what to do or not..


    That is a awful thing to say to your Brother,that they will kill him if he takes her back, even if it is in just. What if Rob does forgive Kristen, and they get back together. There will then be hard feelings between him and his sisters, let him live his own life, make his own mistake's. Just LOVE HIM, girls.


    If Rob had cheated, how many of you, would use his age as a excuse? Also would any ask kristen to forgive Rob, because it was a mistake & just a kiss! Well guess what guys, it hurts. I forgave my ex, if he was late was he with her, was he really playing football, or was he playing away, the trust was gone. So my advice is forgive, but do not go back, it is not the same as it was, when the trust has gone.

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