Shaun White Arrested for Vandalism and Public Intoxication

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Shaun White might dominate in the air of winter, but the snow boarder extraordinaire got himself in some trouble early Sunday morning on the grounds of a Nashville hotel.

Here's what allegedly went down:

Shaun White Mug Shot

The Nashville Metro Police Department says cops were called to the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel around 2 a.m. because a clearly drunk White evacuated the facility by pulling the fire alarm. He also reportedly smashed a phone.

When another guest tried to stop The X Games champion from fleeing the scene via taxi, White kicked that individual and sprinted away on foot. Or tried to, at least.

The victim jumped to his feet and tackled White, who slammed his head against a fence.

White - who authorities confirm reeked of alcohol - was taken to a nearby hospital and booked for vandalism and public intoxication. Fortunately for him, the citizen declined to press assault charges.


That black eye, is not from falling, it's from someone's fist. I guess, White, is the punk, he looks like he is. Keep playing with your piece of wood, punk.


Welcome to the Hotel Tennessee...we haven't had that spirit here since can check out anytime you want but you can never leave...


Damn, this dude is UGLY!!! Is he still dating Bar?


Shaun - You got a lot of fans pulling for you, bro.
"Get Well" soon, and May The True and Living Yahweh bless you.


let's simply blame the ALCOHOL.

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