Samuel L. Jackson Obama Ad: Wake the F--k Up!!

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Samuel L. Jackson wants America to wake the f--k up and re-elect President Barack Obama.

In a new viral ad, he conveys this dream as only he can ... with massive amounts of profanity.

Wake the F--k Up is a Dr. Seuss-style rhyme, written by Adam Mansbach, author of the children's book Go the F--k to Sleep (which Jackson also read aloud at one point).

Wake the F--k Up features Jackson and a little girl urging the rest of her family to vote for Obama. Same excerpts from the ad, produced by a liberal super PAC supporting Obama:

  • "A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote to have Planned Parenthood cut. Listen to your little sister. WAKE THE F*** UP!"
  • "How about that student-loan overhaul? It’s going to save you thousands of bucks. Mitt’s gonna cut that s*** in a second. WAKE THE F*** UP!"
  • "Sorry my friend, but there’s no time to snore, the out-of-touch millionaires just declared war; on schools, the environment, unions, fair pay. We’re all on our own if Romney has his way. He’s against safety nets. If you fall, tough luck. So I strongly suggest you WAKE THE F*** UP!"
  • "Hell no, it can’t wait. Your lives will be affected. Romney and Ryan will gut Medicare if they’re elected. Ask the fact checkers. Those two are fact duckers … SAY HELL NO, MOTHERF***ERS!"

When you wake up November 6 ... which way are you going to vote?


Hehe, I love it.


This Hollyweird Commie Liberal needs to SHUT THE FCUK UP! By the way... US intelligence officials and the White House knew almost immediately that Ambassador Craig Stevens was killed by a coordinated terrorist strike -- and not by mobs, enraged by an anti-Islamic movie, according to broadcast reports today.

@ Liberals SUCK

Gee u must not be part of the 47% u need to wake the f##k up!

@ Liberals SUCK

Yes, Liberals do suck! And they distort the truth---and that's being kind!


Yeah wake up, this from the same guy who voted for Obama because he was black, not because he was qualified or would do a good job. Out of touch millionaires? Like himself maybe? Maybe he should wake the fuck up and look into this man instead of blindly being a sheep and following the "black" man into a shithole.

@ Heather

I couldn’t have said it better myself

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