Sam Bacile Mohammad Video Sparks Violence in Middle East; U.S. Ambassador Killed in Libya

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An anti-Islamic video recently posted to YouTube has sparked major outcry, protests and even fatal violence in the Greater Middle East this week.

The U.S. ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, was killed along with three staff members in an attack against the U.S. Consolate in Benghazi.

The video in question is a nearly 14-minute-long trailer (below) for a film produced by Sam Bacile which critiques the life of the Prophet Mohammad.

Bacile, according to the Wall Street Journal, is an Israeli-American real estate developer living in California; he made the film to condemn Islam.

He has been quoted as saying “Islam is a cancer” and has gone into hiding following the protests and demonstrations this week for obvious reasons.

Protests also occurred in Cairo, Egypt, where protestors scaled the U.S. embassy walls and replaced the U.S. flag with a flag depicting the Islamic faith.

In Afghanistan, the government even blocked YouTube for a period of time in an apparent attempt to prevent outrage and violent protests from spreading.

Bacile uploaded the trailer two months ago, but it only went viral yesterday.

Jones, a Florida pastor, called the Bacile film an “American production, not designed to attack Muslims but to show the destructive ideology of Islam.”

Jones also declared Tuesday, the 11th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the United States, to be “International Judge Mohammad Day.”

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You coward Islamists!! You call us infidels and want to kill us just because but we call your prophet a false one and you kill innocents!
I may join the military just to kill one of you.


You people need to STFU. It's a fucking parody. Comedy. People have been making fun of Mohammad for YEARS. If you aren't in the middle east right now, you have no right to say anything about islam. There are people that deal with it's idiotic ideals every day and just have to smile and look the other way. I give the video two 5.56mm rounds up.


I thought i left this site because of the horrible things i said about gaby gifford.But i have to tell people my rants i cant help myself this site is all i have i am so pathetic.


who the fuck is sam bacile?glad i'm nt in middle east ryt nw.people need 2 leave muslims alone.they are clearly crazy about their prophet!


Freedom of speech is a privilege. One that these filmmakers have abused. In these fragile times when racial conflicts are at its worst, I would NEVER want to provoke anything that could further heighten the tension and create a bigger crack. This is an act of selfishness, an act that motivated a deadly consequence. God forgive us all.


hey,what the hell?i fully agree with sara,if people know that middle east is very sensitive then y undermine their religion?anywys @soraya whoa!take it easy gal its just a stupid movie!but its good 2 stand up 4 ur religion so thumbs up!


@sara u r completely ryt!it feels gud 2 knw that atleast there r people who r open-minded and caring lyk u.


@buck,what do u mean by bacile has courage?if he is such a brave man then y is he in hiding ryt now?FYI have u eva seen any muslim making a mockery of jesus????besides the movie is a comedy its an ignorance undermining islam.muslims are not rebelling becoz they dont want people 2 know our Prophet was a fraud!as a matter of fact none of u non-muslims know about life history of Prophet Muhammad so back off!what if any1 made a movie condemning or mocking the gay community?4 sure people wil react 2 it!i love comedy but there r somethings that r sensitive especially religion and culture 2 any kind of mockery!


Bacile has every right to make the movie h e made. Muslims need to channel their hatred and paranoia into humor and love. Christians take insults all the time. Maybe they're afraid of muhammed being exposed for the fraud that he is. Wake up and smell reality. Bacile has courage!


serves bacile ryt!he has no ryt 2 condemn other people's religion!as far as islam is concerned we've neva criticized other people's religion.there are limits in lyf and people need 2 get it!i know most non-muslims may think he didnt mean any harm by it but our Prophet is a very special person,and is offlimits 2 any sort of ridicule and criticism.its our duty 2 defend his legacy.that shameless guy should issue an apology and his movie be banned!