Sam Bacile Mohammad Video Sparks Violence in Middle East; U.S. Ambassador Killed in Libya

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An anti-Islamic video recently posted to YouTube has sparked major outcry, protests and even fatal violence in the Greater Middle East this week.

The U.S. ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, was killed along with three staff members in an attack against the U.S. Consolate in Benghazi.

The video in question is a nearly 14-minute-long trailer (below) for a film produced by Sam Bacile which critiques the life of the Prophet Mohammad.

Bacile, according to the Wall Street Journal, is an Israeli-American real estate developer living in California; he made the film to condemn Islam.

He has been quoted as saying “Islam is a cancer” and has gone into hiding following the protests and demonstrations this week for obvious reasons.

Protests also occurred in Cairo, Egypt, where protestors scaled the U.S. embassy walls and replaced the U.S. flag with a flag depicting the Islamic faith.

In Afghanistan, the government even blocked YouTube for a period of time in an apparent attempt to prevent outrage and violent protests from spreading.

Bacile uploaded the trailer two months ago, but it only went viral yesterday.

Jones, a Florida pastor, called the Bacile film an “American production, not designed to attack Muslims but to show the destructive ideology of Islam.”

Jones also declared Tuesday, the 11th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the United States, to be “International Judge Mohammad Day.”

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It saddens me that there are so many hateful/racist people in the world. Keep your views to yourself Sam Bacile, you are only creating more hate and misconseptions with your onesided opinions.


I say we kill 1000 fucking muslim fuckwads for every American life that was lost in on 9-11-2001 and 9-11-2012. To the ass that talked about how muslims should be respected, I don't respect a religion that goes around killing people just for the fact that they don't respect that religion. What the Jews are doing is protecting their territory. If muslims want a fight, let's finish this thing. That is the only way we will see peace! Winner take all, if that is what they want. Fuck the false prophet mohammad!


To bad It's such a hateful false serge of the past that just keeps on going. 3000 people were killed 11 years ago from all there madness.Must the west kick all your asses? chill you dumb fucks!


ben bir müslüman olarak butun dinlere saygı duyuyorum ve bir türküm hristiyanlık veya muslumanlık değil insanca yaşanılacak bir dünya gerek bizlere biz bilmiyoruz bir arada yaşamayı ve her din sanki tekmiş gibi inananları tekmiş gibi fakat oyle değil ben bana en yakın olan içimdeki hisle müslümanım başkasıda ona göre müslüman bu sekilde insanları sınıflandıramayız biz insanlar


I think this movie was a insensitive move on Bacile's part to say the least. Having said that, I see this incident shifting the campaign issues..not necessarily in Obama's favor. His foreign policy is beginning to push toward a "Jimmy Carter" moment which could splinter his campaign. With Hillary as Sec. of State, he may receive a "blow back" regarding the bad moves the Clinton Admin. made with the terrorist bombings against Americans including our military which some feel emboldened middle east terrorists & Bin Laden himself in devising the 9/11 plot.


Ok first jp if u wanna kill a muslim kill me! Wat ur saying is full of crap! When israel killed thousand of innocent babies children women men in palestine or lebanon dnt u call that terrorism? That said that asshole who made that film should know that whatever religion exist its a sacred one! Would he accept that some1 makes fun of jews or christians? Of course not islam is a religion that shall b respected like others!


Uzair ur ridiculously stupid no one deserves to kill or die for religion expecially when both call for compassion and it's turned vitriolic only by the heads of the churches or mosques of erroneous human beings its like reading the Dr seus book and finding proof of the evil green eggs and ham death to green eggs and ham effin idiots the defense of family and life are the only true beliefs everything else is just opinion on things Noone was around for


If someone makes fun of your reiligion you would be offenced, wouldnt you. Tht sam bacile should be killed. If someone made fun of your religion you would be furious. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world .


ol of u r stupid!while people r fighting out there u guys r debating?that's just despicable!both sides were wrong!sam bacile shouldnt have released that movie and the muslims shouldnt have killed the ambassador because i know alot abt their religion and they were not told 2 kill innocent lives by God!i cant believe there are muslim haters out there lyk those who r condemning islam on this blog!u guys suck and r pathetically heartless!!!


I think it is just crazy that muslims can't stand any form of criticizm directed to their prophet Mohammed. No love of religion justifies the taking of innocent like just because a religious ideology is criticised. I am from Nigeria and a christian from the south and the Muslims make a point to duty to bomb churches on sundays and during christmas, do we retaliate, no. Because we are christians. So I find it really annoing that people seem to think that Muslims have a monopoly of violence when 'prophet Mohammed is criticised. They should learn some fucking religious tolerance.

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