Sam Bacile Mohammad Video Sparks Violence in Middle East; U.S. Ambassador Killed in Libya

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An anti-Islamic video recently posted to YouTube has sparked major outcry, protests and even fatal violence in the Greater Middle East this week.

The U.S. ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens, was killed along with three staff members in an attack against the U.S. Consolate in Benghazi.

The video in question is a nearly 14-minute-long trailer (below) for a film produced by Sam Bacile which critiques the life of the Prophet Mohammad.

Bacile, according to the Wall Street Journal, is an Israeli-American real estate developer living in California; he made the film to condemn Islam.

He has been quoted as saying “Islam is a cancer” and has gone into hiding following the protests and demonstrations this week for obvious reasons.

Protests also occurred in Cairo, Egypt, where protestors scaled the U.S. embassy walls and replaced the U.S. flag with a flag depicting the Islamic faith.

In Afghanistan, the government even blocked YouTube for a period of time in an apparent attempt to prevent outrage and violent protests from spreading.

Bacile uploaded the trailer two months ago, but it only went viral yesterday.

Jones, a Florida pastor, called the Bacile film an “American production, not designed to attack Muslims but to show the destructive ideology of Islam.”

Jones also declared Tuesday, the 11th anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the United States, to be “International Judge Mohammad Day.”

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The historical facts are more grotesque and horrific than this caricature movie could possibly depict. Genocides pillage, rape and every imaginable atrocities were committed for what amounted to satisfying the beastly desires of uncultured men for geopolitical dominance that is still the underlining aspiration as spelled out in their crude writings - the entire World has to become Islamic.


Every one has the right to beleive what they want, if one doesn't agree with the other, then diagree peacefully. Fighting is not he answer to our different choices. As for those who wish to protest, there is a way to do so that doesn't hurt any one else. WAR IS NOT THE ANSWER! At the end of it all there will be bloodshed on either side, and we have lost enough soldiers and non military personnell and so have they. Only those who commit the actual crimes should be punished. Lets all just stop and think about what another world war would lead to.


First of all, who the hell cares about this douchebag? Secondly, since THG did not post a story about OBAMA and his interview with a epic award winning radio-host was it Rush? Glen Beck, or even howard stern? Hell NO!! I am talking about the one and only Miami's Pimp with a Limp DJ Laz where him Pitbull and others had a great time then Obama had time to go on Letterman. But, did our fearless leader have time for the Israeli PM Netanyahu, hell no-Miami football and a Pimp with the Limp is much more important. Tell that to the US ambassador's family that died this week. Where are our President's priorites?


Wee Okello wacha ugomvi!


Allow me just to say that this film and the hateful bigoted statements accompanying it are not Christ-like in the least. We are built to LOVE. Tolerance is NOT a dirty word. If you dont agree with another persons faith, then just dont follow it. See Ephesians 4:29 Shame on the people posting hate anonymously over the internet. Shame on the producers of that hateful film. Shame on the young Egyptian men who allow themselves to be manipulated into violence.


im kurdish i live in iraqe kurdistan erbil city: im sey allah won1-muhammad big rasulullah muslim big tha film no muhammad rasulullah? is film names esrail sharon obama usa smol people and smol city all people esraile or amrecan see tha film no people dis anemaily in tha zoo ! my facebook name is on off add me thank all peuple muslim


dosnt anyone even like the word "peace" what is done is done and i know that all of us had lost someone precious to us. But fighting is not gonna bring them back. dont you guys ever get it life is too short so start loving everyone.coz only love can heal a wounded heart.


Allah say.. You will find the result for whatever you have done at the afterlife. Allah as a God will not make it sooner than what he say. What ever you do, it will not make he "jump" to the field. Because he is a God. God not make a joke when he say something. Do you understand that okello?? I doubt you not. This nasty movie will make more people want to know what islam is.. and this will make much more people accept islam as a way of life. Plan of God better than humans.


If allah is as strong as the moslems claim he is, why doesnt allah defend himself and punish the people who abuse him? wake up all moslems and seek for the truth.


One more thing...'killthefuckersinlybia', you should be ashamed of yourself. Grow up.

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