Robert Randolph Lawsuit Against John Travolta Thrown Out

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John Travolta and his lawyers are on a hot streak.

The actor won in court Thursday when a judge dismissed a libel lawsuit by Robert Randolph, an author who wrote about the Hollywood star’s alleged gay sex romps in bath houses.

John Travolta Head Shot

Randolph's You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again claimed that a letter from Travolta’s attorney, Marty Singer, defamed him by saying he suffered brain damage and was institutionalized.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge disagreed.

The lawsuit was thrown because the 2010 leaked letter from Singer was a legitimate part of a dispute over the book - making the missive protected under the 1st Amendment.

Randolph's claims were rendered “meritless” for other reasons as well.

Robert Randolph also failed to show evidence that people were dissuaded from buying his tell-all, which was published in paperback in February, based on Singer's statements.

He even used the letter to promote the book further.

In his book, Randolph alleges that John Travolta is gay, had sex with multiple men in Los Angeles spas in the 1990s, and once even hit on the author himself in a steam room.

The married actor has been bombarded with other explosive accusations this year, including two male masseurs who claimed he made (separate) unsolicited sexual overtures.

Another man, Doug Gotterba, claims they were in a long-term relationship, but says he was a gentle and passionate sexual creature at least, so that's good. No lawsuit there.

What do you think? Is John Travolta gay?



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