Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to Make Public Appearances

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As originally scheduled, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will both make public appearances tonight. But they won't be doing so together.

Pattinson will be joined by other costars at the MTV Video Music Awards, taking the stage to present new footage of Breaking Dawn Part 2; Stewart, who was initially booked to join her ex-boyfriend and fellow castmates, will be north of the border.

She has hopped a plane and will walk the red carpet of the Toronto Film Festival for the On the Road premiere.

Robert Pattinson at SDCC
Kristen Stewart at SDCC

Fans are now left to wonder when, if ever, Rob and Kristen will appear at the same event.

Sources say Ashley Greene may replace Stewart at various stops on the upcoming Breaking Dawn press tour, although Pattinson has supposedly volunteered to walk with Kristen down its red carpet.

The only thing we know for sure: THG will be covering this estranged couple's every last move, every step of the way.


I totally agree with Daniela ! Nobody is perfect in this world, we live to learn by our mistakes to better ourselves. I wish those two would come to their senses. If they are meant to be together, they are meant to be together .


I vote Rob and Kris move forward with different people. There's a reason Kristen hooked up with Rupert Sanders; she simply was not being fulfilled in her relationship with Robert. If they get back together, it will only be a matter of time until it happens again. Time to move on. Enough pain. They both have my wishes for happiness. :)


I dont see the point in this, I thought they were sweet together. Y argue? It was only on kiss, people change. Sometimes in a good way sometimes in a bad way. Weather u like it or not, we all grow. My point is , i think Kirsten S changed in a good way not a bad way.
Wanna see how things turn out to be like. :)
Hope the best for both of them, not saying i want them to get back together, just saying that if they end up happy, together or not, i will be happy for them cuz they'd be happy. xoxo- Jennifer


I don't understand how Kristen became the victim here. Last time I checked the one who cheated is at fault. All you people act like shes so innocent. Reality check shes not she cheated and that's not something you take lightly. you guys also keep saying it was only a kiss, but how do you guys know? Kristen admitted to having an AFFAIR. If it was just a kiss then Rupert's wife wouldn't have left him. Kristen din't just cheat with any guy he cheated with a MARRIED man with kids, to make the matter worse she knew all that. So don't tell me that if it was you that happened to, that in a matter of months you could just pretend nothing happened and talk to that person like whatever. It takes years to get over someone that you loved very much.


Not Ashley Green. Rob has had a lot to do with this,and has taken advantage of the backlash against Kristen. I think he is an egotistical COWARD, probably because of the fame and money. I am going to reread the book -- I am not going to support this stupidity, I will not go to the movie.


Well they broke up. And I do not blame Robert after what Kristen did. Good thing it was now and not IF they got married and she cheated.
Now he can find a woman that will not do it. Not like Kristen who dates married men and trys to break up a marriage.


How do any of you know it was the promoters' decision to leave her out?
Maybe she didn't want her first public appearance to be next to Rob... I know if I was her I wouldn't. She was, at best, shy and awkward in front of cameras at premieres before. She probably wants to take baby steps getting back out there now. You people are trying to add controversy, when everyone involved is probably just sick of hearing it.


I have been a twihard from day much as I would want Rob to myself I have to say they really did makea great couple. It's a shame that this had to happen. I def dont agree with what Kristen did, but is not all her fault, this man was way older, experienced, charming and knew how to get her attention. HE IS MARRIEDfor cryin out loud! NOt that it was right but at least she didn't sleep with him. I hope that Rob comes to his senses and hears Kristen out, and learns to forgive. They obviously truly love eachother....hopefully enough to give it another try.


the whole cast of BD2 suck!how can they just stand and watch the mistreatment the MAIN s character is getting!i used 2 pity rob bt now i hate him!act lyk a real man not a whiny little boy.she cheated with a kiss its nt lyk she slept with rupert.if u wanna end things with k-tew then end it!bt dnt act lyk u r the who is suffering the most coz its u've been receiving the positivity after the scandal unlyk k-stew,poor gal!


if this was not a full scale affair but a stupid heated moment where a much older man was hitting on a beautiful young woman and she caved momentarily- Rp should be a bigger man not a boy hiding out. Understandably he was hurt- but should have heard her out. How much added spin did the media put into it and he should have heard her side as well as the media crap.

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