Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Should He Take Her Back!?

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Reports began swirling Monday that took the Interwebs by storm. Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart back together or on the verge of reconciliation?

If so ... is he making the right decision?

“They pretty much decided they couldn’t live without each other," a Robsten insider told the Sun (UK), adding that. “Kristen poured her heart out to Robert."

Apparently, she's convinced her Breaking Dawn co-star that her fling with Rupert Sanders was a one-off and a mistake that will never, ever be repeated.

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While it's far from official that Rob and Kristen are back on, and it may seem hard to believe, she was honest and apologetic, and he obviously loves her.

After many tearful talks, sources claim they’ve worked it out or are at least turning the corner, ready to move back in together and "focus on themselves."

Assuming the rumors of rekindled romance are true, are you happy about the possibility of a reloaded Robsten? Or is he making a huge mistake?

Can he ever trust her again? Was the whole thing totally overblown and Kristen unfairly thrown under the bus? We welcome your comments below.

You tell THG: Should Robert Pattinson forgive Kristen Stewart?


Honestly, this isn't really anyone's business but their own, but if it's going to be talked about, I'd say he's stupid if he takes her back. She cheated on her then boyfriend Michael Angarano with Rob, and she cheated on Rob with Rupert. "Once a cheater, always a cheater" doesn't always apply, but it looks like it might in her case. But if Rob didn't care that she wasn't single when they hooked up, he can probably find it in his heart to forgive her.


People keep saying this was a publicity stunt. Did anyone witness the fear & discomfort in these two as they made their public appearances in the last few weeks? That was real. I hope they can get past this because I truly believe they have something worth saving.


There was nothing to forgive it was a publicity stunt!!! Its so obvious.


F**k wuh ppl say!!


For giving is different from forgetting. If he can truly do this that I thank he should. Still think they are to young to comment like this. But then again my husband and I fell in love when we were in our teens. Would have been maarred for 38yrs if he hadn't of passed away.


I wonder how this would be played out if it had been HIM that cheated and not her? She is young, and maybe they got too serious too fast, which of course, is how it's done these days. Maybe if people TOOK THEIR TIME AND GOT TO KNOW ONE ANOTHER AS FRIENDS first, this might not happen so much. But that is just an old fuddy duddy talking, what do I know?


If he can forgive her may he also forget otherwise it will always haunt them. However, ultimately its their lives not ours. If loves her enough to do so that is his perogative and us the public have no say in it all. Their young and entitled to mistakes and to learn from them. Now if she were to do it again and he forgave then he's pretty much hurting for pain.


Ugh, I don't know. I mean, I've forgiven a cheater before in my life too, but ultimately the relationship ended because no matter what, I just never could fully get past the cheating. They're obviously adults so this is entirely their decision. And yes, she was honest and apologetic. However, the thing that bothers me the most, is that I can't help but wonder if she would have actually confessed to the affair if she hadn't been caught. For me personally, I think there is a legitimately big difference between someone who comes clean about cheating on their own because they feel terrible and guilty, versus a person who comes clean AFTER they've already been caught.

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