Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Should He Take Her Back!?

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Reports began swirling Monday that took the Interwebs by storm. Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart back together or on the verge of reconciliation?

If so ... is he making the right decision?

“They pretty much decided they couldn’t live without each other," a Robsten insider told the Sun (UK), adding that. “Kristen poured her heart out to Robert."

Apparently, she's convinced her Breaking Dawn co-star that her fling with Rupert Sanders was a one-off and a mistake that will never, ever be repeated.

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While it's far from official that Rob and Kristen are back on, and it may seem hard to believe, she was honest and apologetic, and he obviously loves her.

After many tearful talks, sources claim they’ve worked it out or are at least turning the corner, ready to move back in together and "focus on themselves."

Assuming the rumors of rekindled romance are true, are you happy about the possibility of a reloaded Robsten? Or is he making a huge mistake?

Can he ever trust her again? Was the whole thing totally overblown and Kristen unfairly thrown under the bus? We welcome your comments below.

You tell THG: Should Robert Pattinson forgive Kristen Stewart?


Oh now come on everyone robs personal life has nothing to do with being his fan... I like them both .I couldnt see one with out the other ...I in no way condone her cheating .. But no one has a right to give him choices and call him names if he loves her and they need to decide what right for them and be supportive of his acting career and his music career ...Im all for them .but i hope for his sake that she stays faithful to him and this dont cause my probs in their future all the best Kirsten and rob.....oh yeah remember fans r just that fans .... Where in there does it say we get to determine there lives..besides when has everything reported by the news ever all true .. ???? They never said kirsten had sex with him ..... She just kissed him.....yes its cheating but her state line was never touched ... Let them work it out .......what would u do in that situation if the shoe was on the other foot ?


oh, and another thing rob, your strong supporters, like myself, will think you are a sissy, a pushover, and will lose respect for you! you have to take the punches of life on the jaw, and move forward fighting, by picking up the pieces of your life she left in tatters! start dating, you will see how fast you will forget her. talk to russell brand, he will make you a "man" , teach you how to move on!


please say it is not sooooo, rob! dont do it, if you do, the reconciliation will be short lived, as you will find that lack of trust will erode the relationship, and it wl end with you two hating each other. you have got to stay strong, you will get over this. by taking her back, she wins the ego trip she is on by thinking (and acting) like she could have her cake and eat it to, that she can have you no matter what! and like someone said, would she have confessed if she did not get caught? more than likely she is not telling the whole truth. more than likely she has been flirting with sanders for many months, more than likely it will happen again with someone else. stay away from the siren or you will suffer... again


After all K Stew is only human....she's bound to make a mistake!....and Robert shouldn't be punished for something K stew did...besides they really love each other and that's what matters!!!!


she moust not hang on this sissy boy!!


Honestly i think this isn't really anyone's business but their own


For one who's family is in show business, and those who venture into the industry, would be aware of the consequences of being a celebrity,hence would be cautious of one's conduct, it having an impact on personal and professional life. The entire episode doesn't gel,reeks of melodrama so unlike from the West. If here was any indication of involvement beyond the professional, then it would have been, the point where she had wiped her hand against his thigh during Hollywood Star Walk ceremony, both seemingly unaware of that unconscious gesture. The eyes are windows to the soul, so in their respective recent public appearances, a degree of sadness appear to be clearly reflected in both of theirs for reasons only known to them both. At the end of the day, it all boils down to professional and personal benefit for the parties involved. After all,this is Hollywood, a world of make believe where Forever is only a Fantasy.


i really don't care, what ever he decide is his decision. he is the one who is gonna be heartbreak if she due it again.


Its up to both rob and kristen if they work things out. They have 4 years in this relationship and no one but them no what they shared how deep there love was yes kristen cheated by kissing her directer. There has yet to be a report that says kristen had sex with her directer. And if anyone has listened to the odibal of the snow white film it was very very aparent that ruperto had a thing for kristen and used his power as her directer to get his makeout seasson with her. I truely hope rob and kristen r back to gether. And I am pretty sure kristen will not be doing the second snow white. Again I hope rob and kristen r back together. I would love to see them married and to start a family.


Here's the thing, whatever works for both of them. If Rob forgives her and decides to give her SECOND chance. Just be happy for them because it's not our decision to make. But boy, if she screws up again, of course, we will definitely never hear the end of it. HA!

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