Report: Kanye West Got It On to Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

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We already know Kanye West takes pride in the Kim Kardashian sex tape, crooning in a new track that his girl is a "superstar all from a home movie."

But word now comes in that the artist took a lot more than mere pride in the 2003 video Kim made with Ray J - he took sexual partners to bed with it!

According to TMZ sources (who somehow have "first-hand knowledge of the situation") West used to play Kim Kardashian Superstar in the background when he got it on with other women, a seemingly ridiculous, impossible-to-prove allegation that does actually back up another rumor about the rapper.

Based on lyrics from the single "Knock You Down," insiders claim Kanye has always had feelings for Kardashian, encouraging her to break up with Reggie Bush in 2009.

Fast forward three years and here we are: West can hit Stop on the infamous sex tape and focus on real life. Ray J and Bush's sloppy thirds are all his!

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I'm going to puke, omg.. Kim, I like you, I do. I know what happens when Dad dies. I'm a lot older, and I'm telling you like an older sister. Run as fast as you can. Sex, fame fake face, ass and tits does not replace your dad's love. You need to go see a professional and straighten out "the act" Good luck doll.. and to say this again,, you know his temper and terrible manners and drunkenness? When Kanye beats you and abuses you, that won't be the only terrible thing. HE'LL FREAKEN RAP ABOUT IT. You will be all those ugly things he invents, in a song forever!!


Bonnie, you are hilarious! "Sloppy bagillions", Haaaaa!


They are like two blind people.who leads who in the right direction? A deceiver will always marry a pretender. We will still be here. Let's see the outcome.


Those two were made for each other. Together, they have millions. They can't buy class, morals, or integrty....what a couple of sleaze bags!


Are we sure it was Kim that was getting his juices flowing? Ray J has some pretty lips..just saying...




Maybe Kris Humphries was too nice to her and thats why she couldnt stay married...She likes a guy that degrades her. Alot of self respect she has for herself.


WTF??? Does/did he have a problem getting an erection, why would a young guy need a sex tape? Or were the women he was with that bleepin' frugly?


No class!!!


yep, kim is still my number two in line, folks!!