Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas: Married!

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Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas got married yesterday.

The sometimes annoying, always entertaining reality stars spent two summers in the Big Brother house, then traveled around the world on The Amazing Race.

Their next journey together? Forever.

Rachel Reilly, Brendon Villegas

Never known for subtlety, Brendon, 32, and Rachel, 27, tied the knot at the AT&T Center in Los Angeles, where the redheaded bride arrived via helicopter.

"She wanted to arrive like a big celebrity," said celebrity wedding planner – and host of WE tv's My Fair Wedding – David Tutera of the bride's entrance.

Fittingly, "the guests watched her arrive on live camera before she walked down the aisle, which to me is one of the most over the top processionals ever."

The couple – known to fans as "Brenchel" – turned romantic early in 2010 when they met on Big Brother 12, resulting in massive PDA, drama and ratings.

After a brief speed bump involving Brendon sending lewd pics to some girl, they got engaged before returning to 2011's Big Brother 13, which Reilly won.

"Now we get to start our future together," Reilly said.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!


Please accept the following comment as given in the gentlest of tone...to those of you who think it is your perogative to post negative comments about Rachel and Brndon's marriage and wedding day...Please remember that this is a sacred tme, and their family would like to enjoy this lovely time with lovely memories. Words do hurt, Please stop.


Congratulations to a lovely couple. Rachel and Brendon, you took our breath away when we saw you standing at the amazing altar where you pleged your life and love to one another. Your family and friends are so enchanted.


Remember when Brendon and Rachel appeared on Big Brother (twice) and The Amazing Race? Now that they're married, they need to go away and give poor CBS (and all of us TV viewers) a permanent break!!!!! Case closed.


Great! . . one more piece on another LA, phony, fake titty, no talent airhead, cliche, reality tv jerk, seeking their '15 minutes'. The dumbing down of America continues.


WHO? & we care, why?


brendon, please keep a close eye on your wife.
this because she hates the word "Wife"!!

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