President Obama Gives Self "Incomplete" Grade on Economy

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What grade would you give President Barack Obama on the U.S. economy?

We ask because he gave himself an "incomplete" in an interview Monday.

"You know I would say incomplete," the President replied.

"The steps that we have taken in saving the auto industry, in making sure that college is more affordable ... investing in clean energy and science and technology and research, those are all the things that we are going to need to grow over the long term."

He said the same in an interview in May with ABC's The View. And in a CBS interview in August 2010. And in an October 2010 interview with ABC News.

A Republican National Committee aide told Yahoo News: "Doesn't an incomplete eventually turn into an 'F' in the end if you don't hand in the work?"



It's true JAYHAWK- incomplete is an F and I have the report cards to prove it! The more people talk the farther they get from the real issue. Economy & Jobs. All they say is give me a chance, we want opportunities. Well.... They have one! Work & save, take advantage of the programs for grants, surround yourself with people that want these things. People act as if striving for success is like giving in! The entitled don't see that SOMEONE is going to have to pay for these programs! The Government is not selling anything to support their ass! It's WE the Tax payer that is funding these programs! Who are these people? These people have lived all their lives with the mindset if they YELL & scream they will THREATEN their way to getting what they want! We are past that! In every way! That ship has sailed! Get off your Ass People!


@RA- I hate to be the one to tell you this but all they care is that he is BLACK! That's good enough for them! They will vote for him no matter what! It's the truth and the quicker America comes to terms with this mindset the closer we will be to the truth.


Incomplete?...Seriously?...I think 3 years and 7 months is ample time to complete something, even if it is a failure. People who support Obama need to realize what is important and the most important topic is the economy. Now, for all who support Obama how do you think the president is doing on the economy? And plz don't view Obama as a minority and just the facts of economic policy. I bet most people can't.


I'm a former educator. An "incomplete" in many cases is deemed an "F" for failure. He was elected to COMPLETE a job! His failed policies have obviously left the rebuilding of our economy and job creation...INCOMPLETE. We can't afford this to continue during the next 4 yrs. I believe incompetence has bred this incomplete job performance by our Commander in Chief. Time to dump "The Amateur".


People need to know about other options besides Obama and Romney. It is not a 2 sided race GARY JOHNSON of the LIBERTARIAN PARTY is also running in the 2012 presidential election. If you have never heard of GARY JOHNSON look him up. If you have never heard of the LIBERTARIAN PARTY look it up as well. We as americans cannot make an informed decision without knowing all of our options!


His answer was cowardly."I" for ignominious/incompetent.


Yeah- incomplete - Obama has dodged shit all his life! Just like when he was a jr. Senator - voting present- he has no balls he won't even rate himself and OBAMA- Your run is complete- you and your arrogance just don't know it yet!

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