President Obama Calls Stoned Kal Penn

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The President will go to great lengths for every pothead vote.

In the run-up to the Democratic National Convention this week, Barack Obama is making sure every member of his coalition does his or her part. He's even making personal calls, hoping to appeal to some of his more ardent supporters.

Such as Kal Penn of Harold & Kumar fame:

Barack and Kal go way back, actually. In addition to Harold and Kumar quotes and his role on House, the actor serves in the Obama administration as Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement.

Hopefully for Obama, his supporters follow Penn's lead in November and not his alter ego's. Guy can't afford any potential voters sitting this one out.

U.S. Presidential election 2012:

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@Daina- Breaking News has the DNC--decided to put the words Jerusalem & GOD back in the Platform- YES- They are this desperate- What a pathetic phony bunch they are.


@Matt: Tequila 911 likes your comment? Now we know that the end of the world is drawing nigh! Ha! Needless to say, it doesn't pass the smell test!


Haha! Love it!!


@Eyes- I'm watching the DNC- I want to be serious for a minute- These people don't need Obamacare, they need a freaking Treadmill and a years supply of Rice Cakes. If you wanted to clear that place- dont yell fire - Yell- FREE PIZZA! A Dentist could make a fortune in that auditorium. I sware the woman in the 21st row- I could sware I saw her rolling a joint!


You forgot to add GARY JOHNSON of the LIBERARIAN PARTY to your poll. It is not a 2 sided race. Democrats and Republicans are just the more well known options not our only option. Most americans fall in between both party's If you don't know what the LIBERTARIAN PARTY is google it. If you have never heard of GARY JOHNSONgoogle him as well.
FYI: Obama is not the only one who is saying he will legalize marijuana, GARY JOHNSON has a step by step plan on how he is going to legalize it along with legalizing same sex marriage, handling our national debt, and an actual plan for job growth. By only giving Americans the 2 options it is not allowing us to make a well informed decision.


It's kind of funny, the actor plays a stoned slacker. Obama's core group of supporters, are just that. Then we have the, just plain ignorant, group, who will vote for the inferior, incumbent, for no other reason, except that he is part black.


Some think that Kal Penn and Obama had a relationship. He traveled with Barack in 2008, left a very popular TV show to get some position as Director of Public Engagement on the tax payers dime. Look up Larry Sinclair, who met Obama in a limo and thought he was a street hussler. Sinclair had two drug fueled hookups with Obama. Also look up the Low Down and gay bath houses in Chicago. Sinclair has written a book and was challenged by the WH and Beayu Biden who tryed to shut him up. Oddly, they could not. Obama is covering up many things. Kal Penn got robbed of his cell phones; evidence of his affair??? Then he was out of Washinton DC soon thereafter. Inquiring minds want to know


Socialism is impossible to succesfully sustain.The only thing socialism accomplishes,is lowering the bar which will lower the standards for daily living and truly affect any strong work ethic that an individual may have.Why would someone work for straight A's in school?Why go to college?Why give a 100% @ your job when your coworker is giving 40%,and you both are receiving EQUALLY,regardless.Don't be fooled.Although 95% of the people have very little,the top 5%(the government) have much much more.No one should be willing to embrace the government dictating your future and what you will/will not have.


Well done Obama!


Obama is a Marxist, his actions justify that designation. Socialism is not about equal sharing, it is about the elite intellectuals, using any group they can convince they are victims of anything, by anyone, as pawns to gain power. Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin were all newspaper editors, not laborers. They used the press to agitate and mislead their potential followers.