Pizza Guy Bear Hugs Obama, Trolls Go Nuts on Yelp

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Big Apple Pizza owner Scott Van Nuzer received a visit from President Barack Obama Sunday in Fort Pierce, Fla., and reacted with a giant bear hug for the POTUS.

Yelp trolls responded a little less positively.

Irate, presumably conservative users flooded the rate and review website shortly afterward, sending Big Apple Pizza’s overall rating into a tailspin.

“Talk about committing business suicide. After picking up Obama, your books are gonna be in the red pretty soon. Not too smart,” one "reviewer" posted.

Pizza Man Bear Hugs Obama
Obama Bear Hug

The commenter from Cottonwood, Ariz., 2,200 miles away, gave him 1/5 stars. Harsh. Hours later, though, Van Nuzer's establishment had staged a comeback.

Another Yelp commenter retaliated, “Really, conservatards? You try to trash a man’s business because he likes a different political candidate than you?"

"What scum you all are. SCOTT VAN DUZER IS MY HERO!”

Of the 229 comments listed on the page (30 “filtered,” one axed for violating terms of service), only two are pre-Obama bear hug. His overall rating is currently 5/5.

The oldest review, posted in 2010, offers this assessment:

“Nice variety of food for lunch or dinner. Love the Pizza, wings, subs, best stromboli in town. Great atmosphere in newly renovated dinning area, and flat screen TV’s ... staff make you feel right at home. Special people and good food make for a local favorite.”

Must have been what Obama read before deciding on Big Apple.

Decision 2012:


heyy! Im from fort pierce lol its so weird that this thing got a little famous since nothing ever happens in fort pierce . 772! :) ps their pizza isnt the greatest lol


@ALLSAINTS45 Hahahaha! Wonder how much money George Sorros paid this pizza shop dude to do that! Maybe a bit of stimulus money was shoved under the table to him. Doubt if he'll be able to afford the Obama health care for his employees in the coming year! Or did Nancy Pelosi give this fella a pass like she did certain unions and San Fran restauranteurs?? Romney 2012

Wv peach

Obama 2012!!


The big dummy, should've squeezed a little harder, break the anti-American's ribs, so the campaign lies, would stop for awhile. Romney for President.


Your poll sucks there are more than two canidates for POTUSA. At least have an other selection, you are pushing the two party system that is grossly unhealthy for politics and the American public

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