Pink Slime Producer Sues ABC For $1.2 BILLION

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A major beef processing company is suing ABC News for $1.2 billion over its coverage of "pink slime", which the company says ABC portrayed as unhealthy and unsafe.

Beef Products Inc. says ABC made 200 "false and misleading and defamatory" statements about the product, which the producer says is just lean, finely textured beef.

Here's one component of ABC News' pink slime expose:

The network quotes a former USDA scientist saying 70 percent of ground beef contains "trimmings that were once used only in dog food and cooking oil, now sprayed with ammonia to make them safe and then added to most beef as a cheaper filler."

An attorney for BPI said the company filed because "[ABC reports] caused consumers to believe that our lean beef is not beef at all, that it's an unhealthy pink slime, unsafe for public consumption, and somehow it got hidden in the meat."

The company claims the product, abbreviated as LFTB, is heated and treated to kill bacteria, and that it's actually healthier for you, by virtue of being leaner.

As for where the $1.2 billion figure came from, BPI says the reports have hurt sales so much that three out of its four plants have closed and 650 jobs have been lost.

One of the biggest purchasers of U.S. beef, McDonalds cut pink slime from its burgers early this year. TV chef Jamie Oliver has also been a public, vocal opponent.

ABC says the lawsuit is baseless and will be contested.


Dave, I hope you buy some of this meat and get sevrely sick from it before you realize how gross it is that they are passing this off as "meat" this lawsuit is ridiculous and will be overthrown i court no doubt. Props to ABC for getting this out there. BPI you idiots, you really going to cry wolf over job loss maybe you shouldn't have been scamming people in the first place and made a proper ground beef.


Dave, I hope the people in your town go find a real job where they aren't involved in a company that is screwing over good people with lying, cheating, and selling them food not fit for humans. Or would you rather those people stay working in a company screwing over good Americans? Get real. I have a family. I do not want someone who thinks like you anywhere near me.


Dave, you hope ABC pays dearly? BPI was passing off meat unfit for animals, much less humans as meat. This is a crime... I'm sure this will work out well for the pink slim industry, this video explains it all..


I hope ABC pays dearly for the thousands of jobs they cost people including the several hundred in my town.

@ Dave

why because abc was telling the truth about your little gross secrets


Abc a libturd station should be quiet the dumb people on entitlement programs would not know what they are eating .Abc is trying to ruin the beef industry like fat oprah did .

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