Pink on Miley Cyrus, Hair: Beautiful! Rockin!

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Miley Cyrus may have received some flak for her apparent Pink impression at the MTV Video Music Awards, but there's one person who had no problem at all with the young singer's red carpet look:

Pink herself!

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Miley Cyrus Blonde Hairstyle

“Everyone has long, brown hair,” Pink said yesterday morning during an appearance on Today. “When two girls get fearless and shave their heads, it’s a big deal. I think we’re just a little more daring.”

That isn't the reaction many have had toward Miley Cyrus' new hair, of course, but Pink dismisses the haters.

“I think she’s beautiful," the pop star said of her fellow artist. "I think she rocks it way harder than I do."


i think both of them but i adore mileys haicut bye


I agree with 2Wild, Pink's the epitome of class and grace even as a punk goddess she's grown to be my favorite Singer songwriter of all time from that alone.
In an industry where you hear about female singers catfighting for days on end, I have to say its quite refreshing to see and hear two females being complimentary towards one another. Pink, A Class Act All The Way.


oh really?? i don't think that miley is pretty...she is such an arrogant and fame lover girl....she used nick jonas and that bong video and all that controversies just for being famous and get attension from media and people's .....what shame that u people's still think that she is a great and good girl...still u love her???? i don't love her anymore....!!!


Love P!nK.BUT i m fucking pissed off with miley.she's a bit gay.


The coolness which is Pink,only grows stronger with time...It was one thing to say she likes Miley's hair and supports her decision to do so,but,to come-out and say;"I think she(Miley)rocks it way harder than me." When Pink has been bringin'-the-heat with shocking doo's for at least a decade---Is without-a-doubt one of the coolest compliments one artist could ever bestow on another artist...
This coolness now makes Pink one of my favorite people...
Rock-On,Pink!! Rock-On,Miley!!
Keep bending the world to your will,Ladies---That's what extraordinary people do...Later;Hollywood---out.

Wv peach

I love their hair! Pink has always rocked wild styles; I'm trying to build the nerve to chop mine!


yep, this is her way of saying: F*CK THE SYSTEM(& jersey shore)!!


Looks good on pink...not so much on Miley. I do think Miley is beautiful;)


I bet she shaves her girlfriends box too . Lessie lessee Lessie . Smells like tuna and tacos in da house


Shocker! Not? Pink is a like a boy.

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