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Fiona Apple is changing her tune.

The singer now claims she desperately regrets her arrest for hashish last week, since the story is taking ALL THE PUBLICITY away from her new album ... right.

Fiona Apple Mug Shot

At the House of Blues in New Orleans this week, Apple told the crowd, "This record with me ... I'm really sorry ... All the work we did is being overshadowed by this bull$h!t."

Or actually getting attention because of it. Either/or.

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Sophie Tweed-Simmons is the 19-year old daughter of rocker Gene Simmons.

But the X Factor contestant didn't want viewers to know that last night, as depicted by the face she made when Demi Lovato pointed it out.

The hopeful wanted to succeed on her own merits, which is admirable and also a bit silly: get your foot in the door however possible, girl! If you can sing, you can sing.

So... can she sing? Watch a rendition of "To Make You Feel Me My Love" now.

Other X Factor favorites from the evening included:

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Did Alana Thompson sparkle and shin? Did Anna have her baby? Did we make it through the first season of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo in one piece?

Read on to the answers to these questions and many more in our patented +/- rundown of this TLC hit's season finale...

Alana Thompson on Stage

Let's get right to it; Honey Boo Boo did not win the Miss Sparkle and Shine Pageant, a complete travesty that earns the judges MINUS 12 points.

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Kate Middleton committing a fashion faux pas? Surely you jest.

No, we're not talking about the Kate Middleton topless scandal (there was no fashion being displayed there, if you know what we mean). This is a different situation:

Kate Middleton Clothes

Kate and Prince William thought they were dressing festively and appropriately for a party in the Solomon Islands. Unknowingly, however, they donned attire from the Cook Islands!

Scandalous! In all seriousness, this offended the locals.

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Emily Maynard and Jef Holm can't catch a break from the tabloids.

Last month, it was Emily supposedly cheating and getting caught sexting another man. This time, The Bachelorette winner is accused of paying him to stay engaged to her.

Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Photo

A source close to the couple denies those claims, of course.

"Everything is fine between them. They are a great couple and the wedding is definitely on," the insider says, laughing off reports that the engagement is now a "business deal."

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Relatively speaking, Dinah Jane Hansen has already won Season 2 of The X Factor.

Last night, the teenager told Simon Cowell and company that she resides in one house... with 32 relatives! Can you imagine the wait for the bathroom every morning?!?

Incredible backstory aside, Hansen wowed the crowd with a Beyonce classic, singing a version of "If I Were a Boy" that took attendees by very pleasant surprise.

Watch the performance now and compare it to another contestant we enjoyed this week, Daryl Black:

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Daryl Black is a father of five.

He's a bit goofy, as evidenced by the photo of him riding a giant unicycle that was introduced just moment before he took the stage on The X Factor last night.

And he also might be the Season 2 champion.

Yes, it's very early to make such a prediction - but Black is also that darn good. Watch him make like a Gym Class Hero by belting out a version of "Stereo Hearts" and judge for yourself:

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The University of California will pay about $1 million to 21 UC-Davis students who were pepper-sprayed during a peaceful campus protest last November.

A viral video showed an officer casually walking up to and aiming a thick stream of pepper spray directly into the faces of seated students at close range during an Occupy rally.

The incident triggered outrage and an investigation.

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Hong Kong's Cecil Chao Sze-tsung announced he would offer HK $500 million (about $65 million U.S.) to the man who can woo and marry his 33-year-old daughter, Gigi Chao.

The challenge? The younger Chao is a lesbian.


"It is an inducement to attract someone who has the talent but not the capital to start his own business," the elder Chao, a property and shipping magnate, told the BBC.

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Never before have officials been so celebrated.

The NFL and its referees union signed an eight-year contract Wednesday night, ending their surprising labor stalemate in time for this week's contests.

The regular NFL refs are back on the job today, scheduled to work Thursday’s Browns-Ravens as well as the week’s remaining games Sunday and Monday night.

Their pending return was a source of jubilation among players and fans. If you haven't been following it, the worst call in NFL history Monday night (above) sums it up.

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