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Well, this is one way for Good Morning America to remain on top of the ratings game.

Kristen Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan appeared on the program yesterday to promote their new comedy, Bachelorette.

Because the film centers on some raunchy female action, Fisher told a story about taking her mother to a strip club, returning from the bathroom and witnessing the horrible scene of her parent lying down on the stage and a stripper trying to teabag her.

Wait... what, asked anchor Natalie Vargas. What is teabagging? Watch the exchange below and take the actresses' advice if you are also not in the know. Google and prepare yourselves, people.

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Camille Grammer won't just be returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills next season.

She'll be doing so as a VERY rich woman.

Sources close to the reality star tell TMZ she is finally close to settling her ugly divorce battle with Kelsey Grammar, and that she's set to ink a property settlement with the actor that will net Camille around $30 million.

The final price tag will be established once three homes the former couple shared are off the market.

Camille Grammer Likes Frozen Yogurt

Sound like an astronomical sum, considering Kelsey earned most of the fortune from his long-running stints on Cheers and Frasier? Perhaps.

But insiders say the troubled star - he battled an addiction to drugs and spent a great deal of time in rehab early in his career - was actually close to fiscal ruin when he met Camille.

She reportedly took over the family's finances and is largely responsible for the millions that are now close to being split.

We didn't see that coming - and we hope this is finally the end of the very public bashing that has gone on between the Grammers for years. Just shut up and count your money, please. Both of you.


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Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham and John Parra, a board operator for the On-Air with Ryan Seacrest radio show and her boyfriend of two months, have split.

Unwillingness to go to first base may have been a deal-breaker.

"What went wrong was that he was upset I wouldn’t kiss him and make more time for him and move to LA,” Farrah tells In Touch, confirming the breakup.

“He texted me saying he didn't want to talk any more.”

Teen Mom Author

Farrah, who adds that John only met her daughter Sophia, 3, once, never replied back to John’s cold text because she felt that he was moving too quickly.

“I have my values in line and I stick to them," she says. "I'm happy I chose not to touch him or get serious with a guy who seems controlling and clingy.”

“I'm happy I shield Sophia from any guy drama that is caused by whomever I'm dating at the time ... I'll date again. I'm ready to find a real partner now."

For now, though, you could say she's "On My Own" ... or "Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom." (Those are her amazing new songs. Follow the links.)

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Kim Kardashian was at her most honest on CNBC last night.

Not spewing some nonsense about how she's new and improved and only interested in staying in, the reality star talked straight business, the one area we must admit her family knows a lot about.

"I’m trying to use social media to figure out what my fans like and make a brand for my fans," Kardashian said, admitting she uses Twitter and Facebook solely to bring home the bucks and talking about her 10 percent stake in new cosmetic line BoldFace.

What is Kim's take on the economy right now? Can she break it down for us, Bill Clinton style? Not exactly. Watch her respond to that question now:

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Jay-Z, Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter are vacationing on a yacht on the Mediterranean Sea this week, celebrating Bey's 31st birthday (or just being really rich).

Candid Blue Ivy pictures are not exactly a dime a dozen - the couple is quite private, unlike say anyone with the last name Kardashian - so this is a rarity.

The little girl has no idea how good she has it, jet-setting in the South of France before age one. On the flip side, Jay and Bey seem like grounded parents.

Check out these cute shots of father and daughter:

  • Jay-Z and Blue Ivy
  • Jay-Z and Blue Ivy Carter
  • Jay-Z, Blue Ivy Carter

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]

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June Shannon may dominate the world of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, but Sugar Bear stepped in to the spotlight on last night's episode of this nauseating TLC hit.

Yes, it was Mike's time to shine, as the birth father of Alana Thompson surprised his brood with a pool. Find out a lot more in our following patented +/- recap of the action down south...

Sugar Bear Photo

The family goes shopping at a store called "Shh! It's a Wig!" (PLUS 4 for the name) because June believes fake hair is the key to her child's pageant success. But Sugar Bear steals the show, trying on a mullet because he wants to be taller and getting turned on by June going blonde. ("It makes me feel a little frisky and I kind of wanted to jump some bones.")

MINUS 27 because... ewwww!

Even though his "putting-together skills ain't that good," Sugar Bear builds the aforementioned pool for his family. PLUS 6 because that's actually a nice gesture and then MINUS 6 right back for June later showing how appreciative she is of her man by referring to him as "emotionless."

At dinner, the gals grill June on why she won't marry Mike, seeming the only decent man among her many baby daddies, despite being with him for eight years. Says Shannon: "Relationships come and go, but my kids will always be forever. Family is always first, period." MINUS 12 for not counting your child's father as part of the "family."

"We're not fat, we're pleasingly plump." - Sugar Bear earning himself PLUS 7 points.

The Thompsons go dumpster diving and then watch fireworks, as we give Alana PLUS 5 for declaring it the "best day of my life!" We can't reign on a kid's enthusiasm.


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If Chad Johnson's Evelyn Lozada tattoo was/is an attempt at patching things up, what he may have instead is a permanent reminder of what he lost.

She's not taking him back.

Lozada is adamant that they are over after his arrest on August 11 for domestic battery. "You can't repair this," she told People. "You just can't."

Evelyn Lozada Bikini Photo

After a nuclear argument set off by a receipt for condoms in their car, Lozada went to the hospital for stitches, and Johnson spent a night in jail.

An upcoming reality show starring the couple, Ev and Ocho, was canceled by VH1, and he was also cut by the Miami Dolphins within two days.

She filed for divorce from the NFL star the following week.

And while Lozada admits that she'll "always have love" for her husband (of just 41 days), she can't see them working things out in the future.

"This is something you should never tolerate," says the Basketball Wives reality star, who hopes to inspire victims of domestic abuse to get help.

"I don't care what the situation is – or who the man is."


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As originally scheduled, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will both make public appearances tonight. But they won't be doing so together.

Pattinson will be joined by other costars at the MTV Video Music Awards, taking the stage to present new footage of Breaking Dawn Part 2; Stewart, who was initially booked to join her ex-boyfriend and fellow castmates, will be north of the border.

She has hopped a plane and will walk the red carpet of the Toronto Film Festival for the On the Road premiere.

  • Robert Pattinson at SDCC
  • Kristen Stewart at SDCC

Fans are now left to wonder when, if ever, Rob and Kristen will appear at the same event.

Sources say Ashley Greene may replace Stewart at various stops on the upcoming Breaking Dawn press tour, although Pattinson has supposedly volunteered to walk with Kristen down its red carpet.

The only thing we know for sure: THG will be covering this estranged couple's every last move, every step of the way.

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No one does it quite like Bill Clinton.

The 42nd U.S. President offered a rousing endorsement of Barack Obama's record last night at the Democratic National Convention, holding the audience captive for over 48 minutes and proving that even a quadruple bypass can't slow him down.

Whether you agree with Clinton's political views or not, his DNC speech was folksy, detailed and compelling, offering a more cogent defense of Obama's tenure in the White House than its current occupant himself has ever given.

Obama, Clinton said, cannot be blamed for the struggling economy he inherited and has set the foundations for strong and continued growth over time.

"Listen to me now," said Clinton. "No president - not me, not any of my predecessors - could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years."

If Americans "renew the president's contract," the economy will get better and "you will feel it," the 66-year-old man from Hope, Ark., urged the crowd.

"Folks, whether the American people believe what I just said or not may be the whole election. I just want you to know I believe it. With all my heart I believe it."

Continue Reading...

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Pop star Britney Spears and Jason Trawick, her agent-turned-fiance, open up about their romance (briefly) in the October issue of Elle magazine.

Asked who made the first move, Jason said,  “It was kind of one of those things where she moved, like, turned around, so we were face-to-face, and then-”

Spears then cut him off and said, "Okay, that’s enough information, sweetie. It was sweet, let's just say that." We can only imagine ...

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick in Elle

The future Mrs. Jason Trawick looks pretty unreal in the mag, but she admits that there are days when she'd rather not worry about her appearance.

 "I love my jeans and my sweats, I’m really just a tomboy at heart," she admits.

"So it’s really hard for me to be like Kim Kardashian and be makeup and hair-ready every time I go out of my house ... On the other hand, when you do wear those sweats, you’re like, 'Oh God, I should step it up a notch.'”

The singer makes her X Factor debut next week. Bet she's gonna kill it. Check out a few more Britney Spears pictures from Elle's shoot below ...

  • Britney Spears in Elle Magazine
  • Britney Spears Elle Magazine Cover
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