Obama Girl: STILL Crushin' on the President!

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Obama Girl is back! Sort of!

Four years ago, Amber Lee Ettinger seductively crooned, “I Got a Crush on Obama,” racking up more than 100 million YouTube views. Only she didn't actually sing the viral hit ... Leah Kaufmann provided the lyrics and vocals, apparently.

Now, four years later, Kaufmann stars in the 2012 reboot, penning the track and appearing on camera. In case you hadn't guessed, she's still crushin' on Barry (and probably also on Julian Castro after last night). Take a look!

For more Obama-related videos from this week, check out Michelle's DNC speech last night. Then check out the original Obama Girl video from 2008 below:

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Women like her are enough of a reason to never overturn Roe vs. Wade


she must be single, or crazy like a fox i can't see any guy putting up with her, unless there's something in it for him. ewe


What the fuck! ive seen some bloody sad things in my life but this tops the lot.....


To think "free birth control pills" can lead to a CRUSH! Who knew?!? Take note, boys--just carry a little pink round plastic packet of 'ho' pills..and you'll have the lil'chickies following after you flingin' their thongs over their shoulders! Good to know, huh?


Hey Obozo girl- Piece of advice: take a long walk off a short pier you stupid,useless wh_re!


Omg get a life girl

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