Nicki Minaj Raps Support for Mitt Romney, Bashes Democrats as "Lazy Bitches"

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One of the more outspoken artists in the music business, Nicki Minaj makes her political leanings very clear in a verse from the track "Mercy," which is included on Lil Wayne‘s "Dedication 4" mixtape.

So, who has Minaj poetically endorsed?

“I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney," she raps in the following video, adding (we presume) of the Democrats: "You lazy bitches are f-cking up the economy."

Minaj isn't the only celebrity who will be pulling a lever in Romney's direction in November. Chuck Norris worries that another four years of President Obama will send the nation into darkness, while Clint Eastwood expressed his concerns by talking to an empty chair.

Who will YOU be voting for in this election?


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This BITCH was raised off WELFARE in the SLUMS, now she was given a little money and she is I guess better than others..She can"t SING nor do she LOOK like a now to get publicity she is all of a sudden a MITTENS fan... we already Hate this MORPHODIKE... so made up Queen go stay with Mittens and all of the Repukins. Your mammy worked for them anyway..


I think it's funny how she thinks democrats are ruining the Economy when the crisis started with A REPUBLICAN also the economy sucks because Romney and other republicans shipped jobs oversees and also refuse to pay their fair share in taxes. Nikki get educated or shut up.


That's awesome


Everyone needs to calm down. Freedom of speech! Everyone needs to quit being haters! Everyone can have their own opinion. She just chose to sing about it.


I'm so glad she's an Republican.Look who Mittens has as an endorser.Oh well,looks like Obama just went up in the polls.


i guess she'd know a bitch ....


Obama iz my man to beat... Read the posts by democrats n the state sure needs em.


Nikki, the lazy people that your talking about is fan's that who buy your wack azz music. Nikki, you can vote for whoever you want, but becareful what you say. Guess what! I never was into your plastic wanna be barbie shape hood used up body bitch. See you at the poll miss no real body dummy.


Wow look at the class in these comments. Looks like Obama has that trash following him everywhere. Sounds to me I have found more jealous people of the smart, rich and classy people. If you were only smart enough to read and see that he is not helping you he is hurting you by making you dependant on him. Wake up ignorant people this is going to effect you more than it is the rich. It's the rich that is keeping your nasty mouth lazy asses up. So what are you going to do when we are not around anymore?


Wow, look at the "Democrats" - always so well-spoken. I'll bet not one of you can name your Congressman or Senator, but you're "for Obama" because you saw a commercial or something. Pay attention - HE HAS FAILED, HE HAS ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING BUT A 14 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT. SOMEBODY has to begin to get a handle on this economy, and it can never be Obama.