Nick Peterson Screwing Over Rachel Trueheart on Bachelor Pad: Right or Wrong?

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Nick Peterson absolutely stunned fans and co-stars alike with his decision to keep all the money for himself on the Bachelor Pad season finale last night.

Leaving Rachel Trueheart both brokenhearted and broke, Nick's controversial move proved that not everything in the Bachelor universe is totally contrived.

It's impossible not to feel bad for Rachel, who was already reeling, having developed real feelings for co-star Michael Stagliano that were not reciprocated.

At least she would win $125,000 at the end of her Bachelor Pad ordeal, though ... or so she thought. The often-overlooked Nick Peterson had other ideas.

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With his decidedly undiplomatic attitude after the fact, Nick probably didn't handle the situation as well as he could have Monday night. But this is still a game.

On merit, Peterson pulled off one of the all-time reality TV coups, outlasting a partner (and cast in general) that didn't think he "deserved" to be there.

Nobody in Rachel’s alliance gave a $h!t about Nick Peterson, who they considered a pawn, and who and planned on voting off as soon as they needed to.

This is fact. However lucky he was to float through the game as long as he did - and to gain a legit shot when Michael was booted - he seized the chance.

So there he was last night, with the option of splitting the cash with a partner who never liked him, or to roll the dice and go for broke. $250,000 or $0.

He went for it, and won it. Rachel was stunned; their fellow cast members even more so. Sure, it was brutal, but the option is in play because it's a game.

Chris Bukowski probably would've done it, too, had he not burned so many bridges. It's a competition first and a dating show second. People forget this.

On the flip side, though, didn't Nick feel slightly bad? He'd have made a cute girl happy as opposed to miserable, and $125,000 is still a lot. Selfish? Mean?

What do you think? Do you fault Nick? Tell us in the poll below.

Nick Peterson's Bachelor Pad cash grab ...


That a boy Nick, Fuck the Fuckers!


Nick is a PIECE OF SHIT!!! If Rachel went home... THIS LOSER FUCK would have been sent packing also. Nick YOU are a GREEDY Lower than low asshole and WILL get EXACTLY what you deserve. If i were in the audience or had the opportunity, I would have made you CHOKE on your teeth!!! THIS IS EXACTLY what is wrong with this country. Too many NICKS out there only out for themselves. I say FUCK YOU and wait... One day SOON YOU WILL GET WHAT IS COMING TO YOU!!!!!


While I think it is a dick move, because greed is just nasty. But, I can't help but think Rachel sadly got what she deserved. She betrayed Erica with Michael. She chose to boot off a friend so she and her "partner" could win. And lets face it, Nick was never anyone's favorite. No one really wanted him. And being a person who knows what it is like to be an outcast and unloved, I know what Nick was going through and sometimes it is nice to be able to stick it to your enemies when they least expect it. I hated to see Rachel cry and who knew sweet Michael could be so evil himself? I much rather have Rachel than $125k. And I am glad she and Nick beat out Chris and Sarah. But, I can't feel too bad for her if she is only there for the money.


A game is a game - everyone who entered this game played like they were the only ones who deserved to win. Nick was sly like a Fox - everyone thought he was nothing (less than nothing) and treated him like that. Rachel was only nice to him because Michael was dumping her. She felt that she was so entitled, as did everyone else. Although I didn't like Chris' strategies much, he is right. "Well played Nick". Would I have done the same thing, probably not, because I would have felt bad for the other person, however, I do understand why he did what he did and I too say "well done, Nick". Just be safe in your new car - k?


When Michael was bumped and Nick and Rachel became a "couple," it was a brand new game. But it seemed that RAchel didn't "get" that...instead she brought attitude and baggage to the new game, and didn't that make it easier for Nick to make the decision he did?


I think the popular kids thought they were back in high school. This is a good lesson for them. Treat people with respect or their resentment of you may eventually bite back big time. Good for Nick! Oh, and I don't want to see Rachel on tv again ever. Seems all she did is pout and wimper and call people names with her potty mouth.


Well played Nick! Congrats on pulling it off. Rachel is nothing but a whiner anyway. Good for you!


Don't forget, Nick...KARMA IS A B*TCH. Good luck with that!


While it sucked for Rachel and I do feel bad for her, I think Nick should not be faulted for what he did. How can you say all those hurtful things to someone and make them feel worthless (telling Nick that Michael is the only reason she stayed) and then expect them to feel grateful to you and loyal? It bothers me how much Rachel felt entitled to that money when she only did the bare minimum to stay on the show after Michael left. The only reason why Rachel made it so far was because of Michael, so that kind of logic ("I'm the only reason you're here") can keep going on in circles. Everyone keeps talking about how he didn't "deserve" to be there; Kalon was absolutely right...they have no idea what the word "deserve" means! Apparently you only "deserve" the money if you get all up in the drama and sleep around with people you've only known for 2 weeks.


Rachel should have known he would choose to keep the money when he persuaded her to evict her best friend.