Nick Peterson Screwing Over Rachel Trueheart on Bachelor Pad: Right or Wrong?

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Nick Peterson absolutely stunned fans and co-stars alike with his decision to keep all the money for himself on the Bachelor Pad season finale last night.

Leaving Rachel Trueheart both brokenhearted and broke, Nick's controversial move proved that not everything in the Bachelor universe is totally contrived.

It's impossible not to feel bad for Rachel, who was already reeling, having developed real feelings for co-star Michael Stagliano that were not reciprocated.

At least she would win $125,000 at the end of her Bachelor Pad ordeal, though ... or so she thought. The often-overlooked Nick Peterson had other ideas.

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With his decidedly undiplomatic attitude after the fact, Nick probably didn't handle the situation as well as he could have Monday night. But this is still a game.

On merit, Peterson pulled off one of the all-time reality TV coups, outlasting a partner (and cast in general) that didn't think he "deserved" to be there.

Nobody in Rachel’s alliance gave a $h!t about Nick Peterson, who they considered a pawn, and who and planned on voting off as soon as they needed to.

This is fact. However lucky he was to float through the game as long as he did - and to gain a legit shot when Michael was booted - he seized the chance.

So there he was last night, with the option of splitting the cash with a partner who never liked him, or to roll the dice and go for broke. $250,000 or $0.

He went for it, and won it. Rachel was stunned; their fellow cast members even more so. Sure, it was brutal, but the option is in play because it's a game.

Chris Bukowski probably would've done it, too, had he not burned so many bridges. It's a competition first and a dating show second. People forget this.

On the flip side, though, didn't Nick feel slightly bad? He'd have made a cute girl happy as opposed to miserable, and $125,000 is still a lot. Selfish? Mean?

What do you think? Do you fault Nick? Tell us in the poll below.

Nick Peterson's Bachelor Pad cash grab ...


fans fail to forget its a game, woman need to be more business savvy on the show, quit being so emotional, a man is not going to be there to save you so be strategic and independent, maybe next time they will learn


Sue him?? Is that all you ever think of? It was a game show. He was in it to win it for him, not for her. She wanted to leave and didn't want to him as a partner, yet you think he owes her anything! They ALL made verbal commitments throughout the show that were broken over and over. Should they ALL be sued?? He won fair and square, as the outsider. It is over with. NICK wins! Our comments mean nothing.


Why doesn't she sue him?
When she cornered him back stage and stated they'd had an agreement to split it, he answered something like "I know" thereby acknowledging a verbal contract between them. And, as can be gathered from what she also said, that conversation (aka: verbal contract) occured OUTSIDE of the game environment. A contract can be argued as binding even if verbal - it does not have to be in writing- and he was caught on tape admitting he had done that with her. If it were me I would go to a lawyer and have a lien placed on the money placing it in trust pending a court review; then subpeona the video footage - for even though we were privy to a snippet wherein he admitted he made that agreement, there maybe even more that did not get shown. Let the court decide. My bet would be she would be awarded ALL of it - and he would have to pay her court and lawyer fees too. THAT would be justice.


I loved it....he gave a great speech prior to displaying his choice of "keep"....that explained it all....nobody there gave a rats ass about him...including Rachel....I loved the comment Kaylan (spelling?) made about "what does this "deserves" the money mean? - none of here "deserves" it...we are in a GAME ". I do feel a bit bad for Rachel but she should have played her hand "just" a bit differently after Michael maybe with a little better of a "partnership attitude"....the maybe her "partner" would have actually felt a sense of congrats to Nick!!!!


What a jerk and greedy individual. Rachel I pray you will find peace in your heart and that God will give what you deserve.


Set aside the fact that its a "GAME",Not only the way the finale was designed between them but the circumstances their put in, In my mind based on the simple fact that without the others share vote your goin home with nothin. So its completely selfish not to just share. I just never saw that coming from nick. Seemed like a rashinal guy. What a SELFISH greedy F*%K! (IMO) lol. i was shocked and felt horrible. he would have NOTHING;! WITHOUT HER "SHARE VOTE". I wish someone would have brought that up. all in all tho i laughed at his decision and behavior. sad what money will make someone do.


Nick, I give you major props! First of all, congratulations. You were the winner... You managed to stay under the radar, not get involved with all of that useless (but entertaining drama), and you actually did play the game. Secondly, Rachel shouldn't have made it to the finals. In fact, she wouldn't have if it weren't for Jacklyn and Ed (whom I was rooting for, and still think should've won). Before that, she made it through by being partners with Michael. She hasn't played the game at all.


Did Nick forget that It was Rachael that he won the last game she sang the best and they won without her he would have gone home He is one big loser. You do Ugly you get Ugly hope the money brings him what he should get.


What a jerk...I hope he never finds a woman who would be dumb enough to marry him. If he could do this to someone ~ what would he do to a wife if she slighted him in the least? Leave her high and dry and laugh about it? Leave his children (if he's capable of having any) to fend for themselves? Sure he wasn't the one she wanted to be with, but who DID want him on this show?


so well said, im posting it myself!!
Way to go Nick!!! You deserved the money and the fact you were deemed expendable by Rachel, Ed and others in the alliance just goes to show how right you were in keeping the money!!! It a game first and people need to remember that-period!!! I'm a gay guy who would love to see a gay version of "Bachelor Pad" someday, maybe on HBO or something! Anyway, Nick, your a gorgeous guy and I wish you the best!!!