Nick Peterson Screwing Over Rachel Trueheart on Bachelor Pad: Right or Wrong?

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Nick Peterson absolutely stunned fans and co-stars alike with his decision to keep all the money for himself on the Bachelor Pad season finale last night.

Leaving Rachel Trueheart both brokenhearted and broke, Nick's controversial move proved that not everything in the Bachelor universe is totally contrived.

It's impossible not to feel bad for Rachel, who was already reeling, having developed real feelings for co-star Michael Stagliano that were not reciprocated.

At least she would win $125,000 at the end of her Bachelor Pad ordeal, though ... or so she thought. The often-overlooked Nick Peterson had other ideas.

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With his decidedly undiplomatic attitude after the fact, Nick probably didn't handle the situation as well as he could have Monday night. But this is still a game.

On merit, Peterson pulled off one of the all-time reality TV coups, outlasting a partner (and cast in general) that didn't think he "deserved" to be there.

Nobody in Rachel’s alliance gave a $h!t about Nick Peterson, who they considered a pawn, and who and planned on voting off as soon as they needed to.

This is fact. However lucky he was to float through the game as long as he did - and to gain a legit shot when Michael was booted - he seized the chance.

So there he was last night, with the option of splitting the cash with a partner who never liked him, or to roll the dice and go for broke. $250,000 or $0.

He went for it, and won it. Rachel was stunned; their fellow cast members even more so. Sure, it was brutal, but the option is in play because it's a game.

Chris Bukowski probably would've done it, too, had he not burned so many bridges. It's a competition first and a dating show second. People forget this.

On the flip side, though, didn't Nick feel slightly bad? He'd have made a cute girl happy as opposed to miserable, and $125,000 is still a lot. Selfish? Mean?

What do you think? Do you fault Nick? Tell us in the poll below.

Nick Peterson's Bachelor Pad cash grab ...


responsable for your actions and you will somehow in someway will have to pay according to universal law and Karma. ve here and taThe truth is we leake nothing material with us. What we take is nothing you can buy or get -- you take what you have contributed and learned and have given freely without thought of compensation. What is given unselfishly.. Have you ever gone to a loved ones place after they have gone and see all the things so carefully collected and treasured and valuable only to watch the next generation try and determine who gets what and the walls go up and bitterness and resentment and greed are present. Yet in ??? years go by the same stuff is there yet you are not. There is a bigger picture


Goooo Nick !!! You deserved it all :)


He had to beg her to stay when they were partners. If there was a chance that michael could come back if she sent nick home she would do it. She wasn't committed and yes it sucks for her but it was the right move. Dumped three times on national tv. Ouch!


I think some of these comments are from Rachel's friends. I feel bad for her but Nick won fair and square. The suggestion that Rachel sue is laughable, the case would be thrown out. The game is about lying and manipulating, everyone knows that when they sign up for it - its a GAME people. Everybody lied to each other. Nick stayed out of the drama. Good for Nick, he stood up for himself, they all treated him like crap. I love it when the underdog wins! Good job Nick!


Yes, Bachelor Pad is just a game but even in games one should display sportsmanship and fair play. Nick did not. I hope his winnings poison his life.


Wrong. Money is the root of all EVIL; probably die from a heart attack; 250k on steriods; rest in hell, Nick.


I hate Nick! I would've punched him in the face!


What bothers me the most is not the fact that he kept the $250,000 but all that gloating and dancing that he did after. If he was a truly compassionate guy as you say he is, he would not have done that to rub it in when she was so humiliated. So yes, it does show he has a vindictive streak! It seemed like the more upset Rachael was, the bigger the happier he got. That was ugly!!


I know Nick personally and he is the biggest sweetheart. He would give you the shirt of his back and do what he could to help you or guide you as a friend. He has been very encouraging to me even from the first day i met him. He would never intentionally hurt someone or be vindictive, however this is a game and with the things that were said behind his back about him and the fact that everyone made it clear they thought he was just like a piece of scenery not worth being there he was right. He played the game and did it on his own no one stood up and said let's keep nick and save nick that final competition was not just Rachel it was nick as well and if it was not for Nick she would have not been there either. Don't trash talk a great Guy who honestly was getting treated like crap the whole time. Any woman would be lucky to have him in her life! Congrats Nick


After watching Nick strut his stuff, he reminded me of a crowing cock without anything to crow about. If it hadn't been for Rachel, no one would have even voted for him. He was flying under the radar and did not make an impression on anyone, so how can he say he did it by himself? He was lucky that he was able to have Rachel to keep him in the game. Then his true character, or lack thereof, presented itself. How greedy & selfish. All I can say is, what goes around, comes around, and I'll be watching to see how it ends.