Niall Horan and Demi Lovato: Totes Dating!

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Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for Loran! Errr... Diall? Perhaps Nemi?

With their nickname To Be Determined, Niall Horan and Demi Lovato were spotted on a date Thursday night, as multiple witnesses confirm to Us Weekly that the One Direction cutie and the new X Factor judge dined at Pink Taco following the MTV Video Music Awards.

Demi Lovato as a Winner
Niall Horan Twit Pic

This interlude comes about 10 weeks after Horan admitted he thought Lovato was a "cool" gal and that there had been "contact" between the music superstars.

We can read between those lines!

Aside from their dinner together, the evening was a success for both Niall and Demi. One Direction took home a trio of trophies (Most Share-Worthy Video, Best New Artist and Best Pop Video), while Lovato was honored with Best Video with a Message.

One Direction also performed at the event.



I don't think that Demi And Niall Are Perfect Because They Are Not The Same,But If They Love Each Other So No One Can Stop Them...Good Luck Togther


It's just rumors yes they had dinner at pink taco but it was nothing serious! Demi says she definitely doesn't want a boyfriend for a while and Tht doesn't mean they're dating they could just be hanging out!!


@Direction4life.. same here. i luv niall but m not a 1d fan! xd but i have their album and its really great. lol


so lyk, i am in luv wif ni ni! nialler iz da best in da band and shitt, i'm not a directionator but everyone says that 2 mi face. nemi anit cute, but dey are.. idk. lln. lol, btw wmyb is lky da best song and i mean dey only have 2 songs lol wmyb and one thing haha (: lln, agin lolza pe3ace x

@ direction4lyf

uhm,one direction has way more than 2 songs sweetheart how about an whole album. There's same mistakes,gatta be you,more than this,torn,taken,i wish,i want,tell me a lie,save you tonight..ect. But,anyway they'd be so cute i just don't want demi to get harrassed by the crazy directioners out there.


Niall's princess ur such a bitch! i mean like seriously? are u really insulting my role modele?! demi is an awesome singer and she is known because she have a lot of talent, as an actress, as a musician and as a singer! She isnt a fat ass, but u r one stupid hoe! and uno what u act like one of niall's fan but if he was reading this comment he would probably hate to cuz u have insult one of his best friend!
demi start to hate and cut herself becuz of mean people like u!!
she is such an inspiration for me and for a lot of persons! and m a proud lovatic who will be insulting every assholes who insult my role model!


Niall and Demi have NOOOTTHHHIIINNNGGGG incommin she is more older than him and they do not make a cute couple she is just a fat ass who got famous for cutting her self. She really needs to run or something cause she is way fatter than Niall it is creepy. Demi even said she liked being single and she just wants to work on her music.


i love one direction.. Back to the point lol! Demi && niall both make a qood couple. Why? B/c both are sweet ppl and for some reason i dont like zayn and perrie but my irish boy && demi "nemi" for some reason make a qood couple FOR ME(:


I honestly think they're an okay couple. I clearly don't want to see my Irish man with someone else. Demi should really go out with Logan from Big Time Rush. When they want to the BTR premier together it was very cute


i just dont see them together, demi even said she wasnt looking for a boyfriend and has been enjoying being single. she also said she wouldnt be able to give him her attention due to her career. i also dont want to see my irish cutie with another woman ;) lln anyways, i dont see them together that well, and i actually dont think they look good together, no hate, just stating my opinion. hope its a rumor!! �


I'm not a 1D fan, but i really like niall, he look like a total good guy. but i would find it cuter if they were just the best friend ever! btw demi admit that she dont want to have a bf right now and that she prefer older boy so.. idk! but if they were a couple ill be happy, as long as he dont break my role model heart!

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