NBC Defends Today Show Kardashian Koverage

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At 8:46 this morning, practically all major networks turned their coverage to the moment of silence observed in New York City and Washington, D.C. on behalf of the thousands who died on September 11, 2001.

Except for NBC. It aired an interview with Kris Jenner instead.

What was the program thinking?!?

Kris Jenner on Today Set

“The Today Show dedicated a considerable amount of time to September 11th coverage this morning throughout the entire show,” a spokesperson for NBC News said in a statement to TV Line, defending the network's decision.

And there is truth to that: Today did dedicate time to a special 9/11 package.

However, considering NBC Universal also owns E!, the plugging of Keeping Up With the Kardashians over a national period of mourning doesn't exactly look good.

What do you think of The Today Show interviewing Jenner over taking part in this honoring?


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@Dick TV networks air a bunch of crap people don't watch. Shows get cancelled every year based on poor decisions. Your logic might be a little off here.


@simple plan troll harder and next time? Look up the difference between expend and expand.


F*ck the Kardashians. Jackasses, every last one.


we dont stop the world on december 7th or june 6th, so why stop it on september 11th?


Don't people have something else to be concerned about in the world. Whether it was some star or singer or whatever is pointless. Americans need to expand more energy taking action to create a more positive world rather than always wallowing in the past. Do all the tv stations take a moment at the exact time WWII ended? No. Today is not a sad day. It is one day. For those who lost someone it is day of rememberance. Most people have had tragedy and days that they remember because of that tragedy. I have never understood the strange obsession with September 11. Get a grip people.


Hey, 9/11 was like, you know, ELEVEN LONG YEARS ago! I heard Kris got plastic surgery! I just MUST know what the Kartrashians are up to these days! I mean, the fact that they are all over international papers and put out the "face of America" has NOTHING TO DO with why terrorists hate us, no?


NBC continues to shoot itself in the foot. Seriously -- who is running that company? Certainly not anyone with: a) A heart, or b) a brain Yo, NBC brass, I have one word for you: 'Manimal'


Christian mactavish = official assholes headquarters ..what s piece if sh#t!!


When terrorism occurs to someone else, the US doesn't pay any attention. When it happens to us, we wear a Victim t-shirt and expect everyones sympathy. I am sick and tired of the martydom heaped on the World Trade Center bombing. Calling the site "ground zero". Lets spend 5 minutes in silence once a year to remember and then move on. Quit making the place a shrine. Lets start thinking about the hundreds of innocent civilians being killed in foreign wars that are being fought to protect our vanity. All the flag waving patriotism reminds me of eastern europe in the 30's and 40's. Get over it and move on.


The "Com in Comcast" is for "Commie". About 3.000 people viewers died. NBC is not the only TV station in the world. Programing sucks anyway.