NBC Defends Today Show Kardashian Koverage

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At 8:46 this morning, practically all major networks turned their coverage to the moment of silence observed in New York City and Washington, D.C. on behalf of the thousands who died on September 11, 2001.

Except for NBC. It aired an interview with Kris Jenner instead.

What was the program thinking?!?

Kris Jenner on Today Set

“The Today Show dedicated a considerable amount of time to September 11th coverage this morning throughout the entire show,” a spokesperson for NBC News said in a statement to TV Line, defending the network's decision.

And there is truth to that: Today did dedicate time to a special 9/11 package.

However, considering NBC Universal also owns E!, the plugging of Keeping Up With the Kardashians over a national period of mourning doesn't exactly look good.

What do you think of The Today Show interviewing Jenner over taking part in this honoring?



They may as well have shown Kim Kardashian on pornhub giving Ray J oral sex


Those bastards at NBC is proably taking NY's Mayor Bloomberg, who said we all have to move on from 9-11. Shocking


Shame shame on nbc. The kardashians are not a national treasure yet more and more they are treated as such. When will corporate america understand this. I give them one more year on reality tv and maybe we will all come to our senses and quit donating our time and money to them and then they go off the air. Khloe and lamar will ride off into the sunset happy as can be. Kourtney will marry scott cause no one else wants her. Kim will find a new celebrity to hang on to and rob will come out of the closet and be happy . Kris and bruce will divorce and their 2 daughters will live with brruce cause they cant stand mama. The end


If they had done it with someone who had a part in 9/11, understood it and gave a damn about it all, that would be understandable. That they did it with the leader of a self-centered familial mob is abhorrent. If the K's had lost one of their own in the Towers, the Pentagon or in the plane in PA, Mama J (not K anymore) wouldn't have done this. Instead, she would have been somewhere surrounded by camera coverage crying her eyes out in "grief" getting even more attention for her mind-numbing, money-grubbing brood.


A terrible shame. The Kardashian tribe should rot in hell. They do not deserve the time given to them.
TODAY has gone to hell in a hack and it's time to get rid of Matt Lauer and his tribe... They all suck. Reason why I now watch GMA and the rest of the people should follow suit. They got rid of Anne Curry so now it's time for Lauer and his girlfriends to leave. Get with it NBC... 9/11 will always be in our hearts and memories. They deserve a little time every year. Guess NBC doesn't agree so I don't watch NBC these days. Guess it's more important to talk about fat-butt women. Yuck


I think if they were gonna do something besides what they may have considered the same old-same old, it would not have offended so many people as much if it were something besides the Kardashians! That should have been common sense.


I am sooooo disgusted by the TODAY show airing this piece of crap, Kris Jenner. What is wrong with this show? This is TOTAL disrespect to the victims and their families of the "911" tragedy. I for one, will NEVER EVER watch this show again. This fame whore is a disgrace, and any show who shows this woman should be ashamed of themselves. PERIOD>>>>>>>


Personally I think it was wrong for what they did by not at least having a moment of silence for the time it happened. But since all this has happened what about all the previous terrorism the United States has done in there own country to it's first citizens, the original citizens the Native Americans? Do we have a national day of silence and prayer for those victims on 10-14-1492? Or on 12-29-1890 for the Wounded Knee Massacre? The bad history of this country also needs to be addressed as well.


Shame on them!
Who cares about the Kardashians really? I'm actually sick of all these Hollywood (not them cause they're no stars) losers. This is an important day in our country. If they want to be stars let them go to Albania.


I will NO LONGER WATCH NBC! I think that is very sad. Who gives a flying **** about the Kardash-a-hoes! We need to mourn the lives of the innocent americans that lost their lives that terrible day. Pay respect for their families.

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