Monica Lewinsky to Pen Tell-All Book on Bill Clinton Affair, Report Claims

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Monica Lewinsky, whose affair with Bill Clinton nearly brought down his Presidency, is set to write a tell-all book about it for $12 million, according to reports.

The former White House intern, 39, will share letters she wrote to Clinton, 66.

"In them, she opened her heart about her love for Bill and how much happier she could make him than [Hillary Clinton]," an insider is quoted as saying.

"Some of what she wrote was so raw that she never sent them."

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Clinton has been so revered since he left the Oval Office that it's almost easy to forget that he was only the second White House occupant ever to be impeached.

He was accused of perjuring himself after his affair with Lewinsky was exposed in 1998; he was acquitted in 1999 and left office in 2001 with strong approval ratings.

The 42nd President, whose DNC speech on behalf of President Obama this month was considered by many to be one of his all-time best, has rebuilt his image since.

Sources say that Monica Lewinsky's book will reveal that Bill Clinton derided wife Hillary as a "cold fish" and complained about their "non-existent sex life."

Lewinsky, whose post-scandal life has included work as a news correspondent and handbag designer, has had trouble earning a living, sources explained.

"No one will hire her and she can't get a job ... She needs to make money," says a friend of Monica, who is persona non grata pretty much everywhere.

We can't imagine why ...



Here's the wonderful patriarch of the democratic party who uses women as sperm receptacles and cheats on his wife yet the reps have a war on women! He treated this jewish girl like a c#mbucket and gets a standing O' for his speeches by the same women who claim reps hate women and are denying them THEIR rights------> HYPOCRITES


Bill Clinton, besides getting a blow job, from the fat girl, she knew he was married, I don't feel sorry for her, he had so many other affairs, he made JFK, look like a virgin. Gennifer Flowers, sexually harassing, Paula Jones, a possible affair, with the ugly, Barbra Streisand, etc. The democrats have the morals of the ghetto blacks. Clinton gets the crowd jumping, at the DNC. Lol. Vote Republican.


One of only two presidents, ever impeached. Both were Democrats. Obama should be number 3.


What is more important for white people? Relinquishing there guilt towards blacks or the downfall of this country. On election day- this will be the deciding factor. Guilt is a hollow bargain. One jester will not remove it then again it is more likely to possibly create a replacement for another guilt.


Dive Bomber - I don't believe this has anything to do with politics because it won't be released in time for THIS election.


Brizzy - "GO BILL GO" Do you really think you can trust someone who cheats on his wife and daughter, and lies to the American people by denying this affair - AND OTHERS? (And God only knows what else...) People like you prove how easy it is for Bill to take advantage of others. He's still doing it right here with you and those like you.


@**** Don't make me laugh! Like the Obama camp hasn't tried to drudge up past things about Romney's past? Hey, baby, this is WAR! A real political campaign! It's all FAIR! Wassa matta, you can't take it?!? Wussy-Lib!


Some of you are very unkind.
She was a young girl; he a mature married man.
She was probably taken in by his charm; he should have known enough to turn that off when in the presence of a young woman.
She has paid dearly for that mistake, not even being able to get a job in this country; he makes a hundred thou plus for every speaking engagement he speaks at. Society has been very unkind to this girl. Did you never make a mistake when you were her age? Why should she be vilified while he gets off scot free? He's the scum, she's the innocent who was taken in by him, and she's not the only one who succumbed to his charm. Hillary should have done Bobbitt surgery on that old dog long ago.


Stupid little girl. Do your laundry as your mommy taught you and STFU!


Paid for by the Romney, Ryan campaign. Can't bust him for anything else so drag up the past, like the "new video of Obama from 1998" oooOOOooo scarey.

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