Mitt Romney Tax Returns: Hacked, Up For Bids!?

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An anonymous individual or group claims to have obtained "all available" tax returns associated with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The alleged hackers claim to have accessed them via computers in the Franklin, Tenn., office of professional services firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

An anonymous posting on a file sharing website claims PwC was hacked; the same site has been used to boast of other high-profile corporate hacks.

How'd they pull it off, allegedly? The posting states:

Mitt Romney Image

"[Romney's tax returns] were taken from the PWC office 8/25/2012 by gaining access to the third floor via a gentleman working on the 3rd floor of the building."

Bribes go a long way, apparently.

President Obama's 2012 election opponent has faced calls to release his tax forms prior to 2010. The former CEO of Bain Capital has refused to do so.

Wonder if this will change his mind.

After "all 1040 tax forms for Romney were copied," the perpetrators claim, having sent Mitt's tax returns "to Democratic and GOP offices in the county."

"A scanned signature image for Mitt Romney from the 1040 forms were scanned and included with the packages," which are almost entirely encrypted.

That's where the fun part comes in.

The group claims it will "release all available files to the public on the 28 of September, 2012," unless someone coughs up $1 million ... in Bitcoins.

The purported hacker(s) issued this threat to PwC:

"All major news media outlets are going to be sent an encrypted copy of the most recent tax years that your company had on file since you did not have them all in a convenient electronic form."

"The years before 2010 will be of great interest to many. If the parties interested do not want the encrypted key released to the public to unlock these documents on September 28 of this year then payment will be necessary."

"The deal is quite simple. Convert $1,000,000 USD to Bitcoins (Google if if you need a lesson on what Bitcoin is) using the various markets available out in the world for buying."

"Transfer the Bitcoins gathered to the Bitcoin address listed below. It does not matter if small amounts or one large amount is transferred, as long as the final value of the Bitcoins is equal to $1,000,000 USD at the time when it is finished."

"The keys to unlock the data will be purged and what ever is inside the documents will remain a secret forever. Failure to do this before September 28, the entire world will be allowed to view the documents with a publicly released key to unlock everything."

"Bitcoin Address to Stop Release: [redacted]"

"At the same time, the other interested parties will be allowed to compete with you. For those that DO want the documents released will have an different address to send to."

"If $1,000,000 USD is sent to this account first; then the encryption keys will be made available to the world right away. So this is an equal opportunity for the documents to remain locked away forever or to be exposed before the September 28 deadline."

"Who-ever is the winner does not matter to us."

Romney is locked in a dead heat with Obama with two months to go before the election. One way or another, the tax return issue keeps rearing its ugly head.

Should Mitt release more tax returns?

Who are you voting for in November?


Thank you Daina- a moment of truth- the rich pay taxes and then they pay taxes on their profits etc. how the crap do they think this country could run if they paid minimum taxes. People are not informed and they are in such trouble they have to go to Bill Clinton to help them. It's a desperate move.


@Chely You are being ridiculous! You are furthering the argument that Romney hasn't paid his fair share. People would only believe that because the liberals keep shoving it down their throats! It's only reflecting the Democrat argument that Romney is a tax cheat. Yet he most certainly has paid his fair share according to the present tax code. You are purposefully arguing this only because you're anti-Romney! Look at Tim Geithner...he's a proven tax cheat and works under Obama. At least Romney paid his taxes, Chely! And keep in mind, Geithner's position puts him over the IRS dept. who goes after other Americans for doing what he did himself. This obviously REEKS of hypocrisy!!!!


FACT: The latest data show that a big portion of the federal income tax burden is shoul­dered by a small group of the very richest Americans. The wealthiest 1 percent of the population earn 19 per­cent of the income but pay 37 percent of the income tax. The top 10 percent pay 68 percent of the tab. Meanwhile, the bottom 50 percent—those below the median income level—now earn 13 percent of the income but pay just 3 percent of the taxes.


You forgot to add the other presidential canidates in the poll. GARY JOHNSON from the LIBERTARIAN PARTY is also running in the 2012 presidential election. It is not a 2 sided race Obama and Romney are not our only options. If you have never heard of the LIBERTARIAN PARTY look it up. If you have never heard of GARY JOHNSON look him up as well. We as Americans cannot make an Informed decision without knowing all of our options!


You should have been a commentator for CNN! Romney is a successful businessman man but Chip 2 ma looooo says Romney is a Criminal? Wow! Paid Taxes & now is a Criminal. People are not going to back Obama- we see him as someone who wants "God" out of anything to do with Government. We see him as a person who was groomed in a Communist/Socialist atmosphere. Again- Obama will never have the divided nation (he helped divide) he will NEVER have the people behind him. The economy will get worse and the only people that want him in are in it for a handout. The well is dry. If the Senate goes Republican then he really has a problem. If he stays in-we will continue to fall.


Matt says: "People continue to talk about everything but the problem. How the shit can you look at anything but the "ECONOMY & LACK OF JOBS" ? Taxes? If Romney hadn't paid taxes in 10 years his ass would have been audited by now" Actually, the rich and powerful in this country are less likely to be audited by the IRS than the middle class. Mitt's campaign pr staff has admitted that his taxes have never been audited. Myself I believe Mitt has paid some taxes during all these years, just I believe he has used tax schemes that are now being proven to be illegal recently. His returns might also show us how to invest in IRA's illegally or at less unethically. What I have a hard time following is why my follow republicans can hold their noises and vote for this RINO a most likely criminal? He is no different than Obama on the social or socialist issues. If you truly believe he will stop Obamacare after being the role model for it, I have a bridge to sell you.


funny that these hypocrites won't do the same to ALL of obama's sealed documents...AND HE'S THE PRESIDENT...YOU KNOW...THE ONE WHO RULES YOUR LIFE WITH AN IRON FIST?! i used to respect anonymous and assange...until they showed what partisan hacks they are.


From Romney's own mouth he has said he's paid 13% each year in taxes fro the last decade. I rounded to 15 and that actually made Romney look better. I don't know where u get 45% from. But even if 45 is what should have been paid u can guarantee with loop holes he didn't pay that much. And our corporate tax is around 35% so I still don't know where 45% comes in at. What company has paid 45% in taxes in the last decade?


@ chippy- I could care less about Romney and the vietnam war. The day carter took office he gave immunity to all that didn't go to Vietnam. I would like to know about Obama being groomed by a card caring communist -Davis! After all his wife said last night that his upbringing has made him the man he is today! We could do this all day long! It doesn't serve a purpose. Obama was elected in a moment of desperation just like carter. The end result (2012) is what you get in a fit of desperation. The only question that matters is - Do people beleive this country is moving in the right direction and from what I see- We ain't moving at all. I don't care about the polls- they can say anything you want them to say. Obama has tunnel vision and Americans are not going to be satisfied with being a " NANNY " Country. Just look at the crowd at the DNC- they have "Gimme" written all over them


People go out and get training for the jobs that are available. If u have no skills go to mcdonalds until u do
But get off ur ass.

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