Mitt Romney on Obama Voters: Entitled Losers!

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A secretly recorded video has emerged in which Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney can be heard apparently disparaging voters - specifically those who support President Barack Obama - at a private dinner with donors.


The GOP nominee can be heard (and seen, albeit far away) positing that "47 percent" of Americans do not pay any income taxes, consider themselves victims, feel entitled to handouts and would never even think about voting for him anyway.

"I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives," Romney says of Obama's "huge advantage." Take a look below:

Responses to this will likely fall into one of two categories:

  1. The truth hurts! He's just stating facts! People are such leeches!
  2. Wow, what an out of touch monster! He hates half the country!

The truth is probably somewhere in between, with the main takeaway being that Mitt's words were not chosen particularly well, especially in this media age.

Whether or not he harbors disdain for 47, 48, 49 percent of the country ... did he learn nothing from Obama's "cling" controversy four and a half years ago?

What do you think of Mitt's remarks, and who are you voting for in 2012? Share your thoughts, opinions and commentary on the campaign with us below...

UPDATE, 9/18: Addressing the controversial video, Mitt Romney stood by the comments, while conceding that he did not articulate his point very elegantly.


Women's rights? Are you shitting me? Look at Egypt - Obama goes over there hugs some terrorists who kill women for anything and make them walk behind and you call republicans - War on Women! You moron! Gays? Oh yes- no liberal post would be complete without talking gay rights! Freakin world on the brink and your special Ed ass is talking gay rights. Other minorities? What do you mean by taking away- Government handouts? Free cheese? Welfare checks? Get a damn job, America is out of money you fool! It's time to cut the fat dimwit! Obama is full of hot air! He's like the guy that tells you how pretty you are , knocks you up and now you can't find him! Get your head out your ass!


Do you even care about the rights of others? Both Mitt and Paul want to take away the rights of women, gays and other minorities.


Taxpayers own 26% of GM and GM owes taxpayers 16 billion dollars! You call that a bailout? It's a giveaway and we will never get paid back! Romney was right- let them file chapter 11.

Avatar this.........GM is moving to China
WHY DOES BIDEN SAY GENERAL MOTERS IS's a lie people; watch the youtube video. How can Dems coverup SO MUCH and the LIBERAL LAME STREAM MEDIA TURNS THEIR HEADS?


Mattyou may have "got it" but you still don't understand it. I can do whatever I want freedom of speech baby.


@Emma do you have to take all the damned space. Talk about liberal BS! Shut up already we got it!


@Patty Let me get this are preaching about God and the Bible and the "evil" republicans and their greed......while you insult others,and hang out on a "gossip site" all day.....WOW! What a heavy load of hypocrisy you must be carrying around on your shoulders as you type away with the rest of the trollies.FYI genius,YOUR president is a MUSLIM and his allegiance is with the Muslim brotherhood.Wonder what GOD thinks of that??Kettle meet the pot!


It is obvious he resents and I'll go as far as detests people who don't have a job. I used to work for the public health and my aide would say she has to stop working as she could not afford tom pay for child care , health care
Food, clothing and rent but on welfare had a clothing allowance food stamps, free housing free health care
And took care of her own children. Why would anyone work under such a system especially if they had no desire
To own anything g that gets taxed anyways. We live in a country that supports welfare there is hardly a down side. I sometimes wish I was poor as I would not have had to pay for all the tuition for my kids. That was not
Really deductible as I always seemed to pay the minimum allowable taxes which took all my deductions away.
I want a flat tax for earned income, a progressive tax for capital gains.


Debra = Hope you want to go back having no rights again. Say goodbye to any right you hold as a woman now if you really support Romney & Ryan who don't think woman have the right to get paid like men or have the right to decide what they want with their health and bodies. By the way I'm not paid to do anything. I just have the common sense to know that Romney is going to destroy this country in he gets in office. But hey I guess the Mayan's will be right if Romney gets into office the world will be coming to an end.



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