Mitt Romney on Obama Voters: Entitled Losers!

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A secretly recorded video has emerged in which Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney can be heard apparently disparaging voters - specifically those who support President Barack Obama - at a private dinner with donors.


The GOP nominee can be heard (and seen, albeit far away) positing that "47 percent" of Americans do not pay any income taxes, consider themselves victims, feel entitled to handouts and would never even think about voting for him anyway.

"I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives," Romney says of Obama's "huge advantage." Take a look below:

Responses to this will likely fall into one of two categories:

  1. The truth hurts! He's just stating facts! People are such leeches!
  2. Wow, what an out of touch monster! He hates half the country!

The truth is probably somewhere in between, with the main takeaway being that Mitt's words were not chosen particularly well, especially in this media age.

Whether or not he harbors disdain for 47, 48, 49 percent of the country ... did he learn nothing from Obama's "cling" controversy four and a half years ago?

What do you think of Mitt's remarks, and who are you voting for in 2012? Share your thoughts, opinions and commentary on the campaign with us below...

UPDATE, 9/18: Addressing the controversial video, Mitt Romney stood by the comments, while conceding that he did not articulate his point very elegantly.


@Patty You are amazing!!! You've been saying what I've been thinking too. Obama 2012 :)


@Robert, Sure, i'll come see, just give me your email address, and i can watch you drink your wrongness away, btw, i dont drink alcohol! It destroys the brain, get it!!


My god how many times has Obama sold out. Gay marriage? Yes- It just came to him like a REVELATION that gays should marry? Just in the nick of time- election year! Then there is the illegal alien bailout- citizens in this country can't find a job but he can reach out to illegals. You DIDN'T BUILD THAT! Talk about a slap in the face! Romney has only told the truth and the freeloaders hate to hear the truth! Obama goes on talk shows and the Middle East is in chaos! We are broke and OBAMAS wife travels the world on our dime! How can anyone vote for Obama? What has he done? What hope can he give? His slogan should be, bend over , grab your ankles and then .. Lean... Forward.


Patty patty patty your invited to my Obama house packing party at my Bar November 6 2012. Patty my business which i built nobody built for me. Never asked my parents for student loan cause i worked for everything i have. I don't believe in handouts i believe in capitalism everybody should work not socialism handouts people depending on the government. Were not taking about elderly or great troups. I still would buy you a drink to drown your sorrows November 6.


@wtf... Need it. Think next time before you try to insult us "gullible women". A woman can have a child without a man but a man can't have a child without a woman. Think about that next time you decide that woman are so gullible and wrong.


And as far as "disparaging" remarks, let's not forget Obama and his "typical white person" grandmother and the "bitter" small town people "clinging to their guns and religion", his assessment of his bowling as "like the Special Olympics or something", "The Cambridge police acted stupidly" and "at some point I do believe you've made enough money". He's a classical narcissist and dangerous.


UNBELIEVABLE how gullible some of you women are, with your "war on women" - FABRICATED BY THE MEDIA AND DEMOCRATS. Nobody is against cancer screenings for instance, that is absolutely ridiculous. The majority of Americans oppose Federal funding (taxes, for you that are slow) being used to pay for abortions - THAT'S ALL. For God's sake research and don't just parrot what you see on a commercial. And THEN, try to realize that these issues belong so far down on the priority list as to be laughable. Birth control? Seriously??


I was cut off. So not only did he insult those that are on Obama's side he insulted rebuplicians or those that would be on his side. There are rebuplicians that have benefits and don't pay income tax too. He is insulting veterans who fought for our country but yet they don't pay as much taxes. I wish people who are undecided or some that we're even on his side see he not on,y went after people he considered Obama supporters but he went after half of this country. These people he considers victims aren't just the poor they are students, veterans, people on social security that isn't just Obama supporters. Obama may not be perfect but at least he is out to help everyone unlike Romeny who only cares about half.




@Robert, Hello i know GwB is not the president! I know our Great President is Barrack Obama, no im not spinning anything. Im telling the truth, hello, hello, Ruiney, and his tea bag mate want to through the middle class,the elderly under the bus! They want students not to be able to get a loan, just go ask your parents, they want vouchers for healthcare, except for the rich , who surely can pay their way. No Ruiney really showed his colors with that off the cuff speech about 47& of Americans, yes im a nice woman, thank you, with a soul and God fearing. And i pray to God that he will not let the devils advocate Ruiney have his way, and man do i pity you. No im not misinformed, telling it lke it is, and God will see to it, that the poor, the troops, the elderly, the children will not suffer. Therefore, the winner of this race will be Obama/Biden 2012, oh yes WE WILL!!

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