Mitt Romney on Obama Voters: Entitled Losers!

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A secretly recorded video has emerged in which Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney can be heard apparently disparaging voters - specifically those who support President Barack Obama - at a private dinner with donors.


The GOP nominee can be heard (and seen, albeit far away) positing that "47 percent" of Americans do not pay any income taxes, consider themselves victims, feel entitled to handouts and would never even think about voting for him anyway.

"I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives," Romney says of Obama's "huge advantage." Take a look below:

Responses to this will likely fall into one of two categories:

  1. The truth hurts! He's just stating facts! People are such leeches!
  2. Wow, what an out of touch monster! He hates half the country!

The truth is probably somewhere in between, with the main takeaway being that Mitt's words were not chosen particularly well, especially in this media age.

Whether or not he harbors disdain for 47, 48, 49 percent of the country ... did he learn nothing from Obama's "cling" controversy four and a half years ago?

What do you think of Mitt's remarks, and who are you voting for in 2012? Share your thoughts, opinions and commentary on the campaign with us below...

UPDATE, 9/18: Addressing the controversial video, Mitt Romney stood by the comments, while conceding that he did not articulate his point very elegantly.


After seeing the whole video of what Romney said at that dinner just proves more to me how Romney can't be trusted to take office. Not only does he insult almost half of the country (democrats and rebuplicians both included) but he also tells people to carry a bomb around, he makes jokes that aren't even funny, and he says how he life would be so much easier if he was Latino. None of what he said was funny to say the least. Plus if you see anything Romney is for he isn't for tax breaks for the middle class. He lower taxes for the rich and raise the taxes on the middle class. Look at the states who now are run by republicans and see what they say about taxes it is cut for rich raise for the poor/middle class. It's always wait rebuplicians want. Seriously that whole speech he gave just proves to me that he is not ready for being President.


Those 47% that Romney talks about includes rebuplicians and democrats, it's not jutpst the poor people. There are many rebuplicians that rely on the government so he insulted people that would vote for him too. It's just disgusting to know he thinks that less than half of our country according to Romney should have houses, food, or health care.


Patty there you liberals go again name calling you can't stand the truth and i don't drink and i am not gonna lower myself to by name calling liberals do that. Can't waste my time for someone that can't be helped! Have a good night gotta do something liberals hate! Work


@Robert , Done talking to an alcohol warped brain! And no you didnt win! Im just laughing at you!! Have a good Hangover when he looses!! And he will!"


Patty your gonna be so upset you might start you have one thing in common with Our Next President Mitt Romney he doesn't drink either. Four more years of Obama America wouldn't be America anymore hey about our children and grandchildren there will be nothing left for them. Let capitalism roll get rid of that job killing health care bill which health care has gone up 60% since that. Lets give people or corporations a tax break when they hire. It's made up by the taxes we collect. Go after China for its unfair trade and ripping us off. Lets drill it means thousands of jobs and bring workfare back it's about time to take our Great Country Back. Lets back our allies not turn our back on them. Its CAPITALISM THAT WORKS NOT SOCIALISM


@Heavyload! Yeas, Ruiney is a heavy loaded headache, lol, hr knows hes going to loose, im so glad that video came out to show ruineys true colors.(heknows).


@Anne, thank you!:) those others can join Ruiney by hiding their money in the Cayman Islands!!


Stay classy, Mitt Romney.


to "Carlin R." white dudes aren't into 200+lb hippos like yourself,THAT is why there are black dudes for girls like you.Ha! loser


@Patty-Amzing just how double-minded one can be,get it??

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