Mitt Romney on Obama Voters: Entitled Losers!

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A secretly recorded video has emerged in which Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney can be heard apparently disparaging voters - specifically those who support President Barack Obama - at a private dinner with donors.


The GOP nominee can be heard (and seen, albeit far away) positing that "47 percent" of Americans do not pay any income taxes, consider themselves victims, feel entitled to handouts and would never even think about voting for him anyway.

"I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives," Romney says of Obama's "huge advantage." Take a look below:

Responses to this will likely fall into one of two categories:

  1. The truth hurts! He's just stating facts! People are such leeches!
  2. Wow, what an out of touch monster! He hates half the country!

The truth is probably somewhere in between, with the main takeaway being that Mitt's words were not chosen particularly well, especially in this media age.

Whether or not he harbors disdain for 47, 48, 49 percent of the country ... did he learn nothing from Obama's "cling" controversy four and a half years ago?

What do you think of Mitt's remarks, and who are you voting for in 2012? Share your thoughts, opinions and commentary on the campaign with us below...

UPDATE, 9/18: Addressing the controversial video, Mitt Romney stood by the comments, while conceding that he did not articulate his point very elegantly.


HE DOES NOT SAY LOSERS!!! Liberal media spinning!!! Just seen Romney on Greta Van Susteren and he said he would like for whoever released this video to release the entire video not just this section!!
God help us if Obama gets reelected! For him to be at a fundraiser (Jay-Z and Beyonce) while our Embassies are being attacked is reprehensible!!!!!!!!!!!


Daina, when you say "drive by" interpretation, were you referring to Romney's apology allegations that didn't exist? The man has no compassion whatsoever for his fellow Americans.


Zane, what you and Romney may feel or believe has nothing to do with facts. Hundreds of years ago, people believed the world was flat but believing did not make it a reality neither does believing almost half the country pays no taxes. That's ridiculous of any sane person to believe it. Where is Romney getting this misinformation?


Yeah, it's accurate all right, Thom. I agree....he didnt' say they were losers...that's the liberal media offering the typical "drive by" interpretation. Many of that 47% feel they are entitled. Govt. owes it to 'em! Romney wants to grow the economy and develop jobs to give these people a leg up. Hell, sounds great to me! Let's roll! Romney 2012!


sorry zitt, but if anyone buys anything they pay a tax you on the other hand since you want to talk responseability are you going to rehire all the americans you've destroyed? i only hope i get 2 meet your sorry redneck/republican/selfrightous/punk/hide behind your billionares, come to cali punk @ least then i'll have a job finally punking your snobish rich punk ass


I am sorry but I didn't hear him say anything about them being loser. He said what a majority of the people believe. There are people that live off the government. I feel as though it is the truth. This a poorly written article and very bias.


mormons or MORONS. ........what's the difference?


He thinks 47% of us pay literally no taxes? Is that even close to accurate?

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