Miley Cyrus vs. Pink: Celebrity Mohawk-Off!

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Miley Cyrus did her best impression of Pink on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards last night, showing up at the event with her short blonde hair spiked and in a mohawk.

It was a jarring new look for the star, especially considering Pink was also in attendance - and also rocking a very similar style.

Did Miley outdo the original? Will Pink always reign supreme as the most hardcore of all female recording artists? Weigh in now!

Which Hairstyle Looks Best?

It's the Miley mohawk against Pink's original version of the same hair style. Whose do you prefer? View Poll »

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Ok so I really don't like the look on Miley however, if she wants a bad haircut let her do what she wants. She's not a rocker and really can't claim to be one. She'll grow tired of the look soon and get extensions until it grows back out. Pink has always had this edgy look and it works for her. Pink is not fake idc what some of you people say... you don't have to scream, cut your wrists, or be terminally depressed to rock out. There's not one artist of there like pink. Oh and if you actually knew what you were talking about the other chicks name is Avril Lavigne hahahaha. And she is pop with a little edge tomboy ugly duckling gone beautiful. That's all and she never claimed to be a hard core rocker either!!


AND I MEAN THAT IN A GOOD WAY. MILEY- On The Other Hand, no comment*


She Looks Like,..


miley is my cup of tea this time.


I saw her hair down in her eyes on, and it looked cute. I don't like it spiked, but she is a cute, young gal that is expressing herself. Leave her alone and let her express herself. She will be fine.


She must have went to her daddy' barber!


This works for Pink, but this is the most aweful hairdo on Miley! She use to be a half way descent looking girl. Now she looks old and butch. With a good looking fiancé like she has, I would think she would try to be more attractive. He won't stick around long of he has to look at that. That girl in hunger games is 1,000 times more attractive than Miley now. He will look the other way soon.


Arch enemy is metal, not" hard core". And i respect pink, shes had a shit life unlike fuckin miley. Shes a pampered little rich brat who does anything she wants like smoking pot and underage drinking.


Ohh c'monn miley look awkward and bad looking on this new hair !!! Why did she do this!??? Her mental healthy is not very good!!!!


Pink is hard core??? oh come on-all are pop trash-Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy is hard core rock-such a joke when pop "stars" act like they are part of rock music-gag-and Smelly Cyrus is just a copy of a fake "bad girl" pop image creation that is Pink-who like April Ravine wants to act like they are "breaking the mold"-they are the same mold just ruffed up on the edges ever so slightly-it's like new furniture that has been distressed so it looks like it has character-but does not-So that makes Smelly a double fake poser copycat and looking like a closet dyke-that's pretty funny-I bet Smelly thought she was going to show everyone how original and different she is now that she is rebellious and completely changed her look that only she could come up with-LOL-that is a good one-and yes laughing right in your face Smelly