Miley Cyrus Covers "Lilac Wine," Debuts Album Promo Pics

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We interrupt the latest Miley Cyrus hair hullabaloo - OMG, she looks just like Pink, people! - to give fans an update regarding this singer's music career.

First, the artist has updated her official website to include a wealth of promotional photos in honor of her upcoming studio album, which is expected to drop in early 2013. An example:

Miley Cyrus Album Pic

Next, Cyrus has also released a cover of James Shelton‘s 1950s track “Lilac Wine” as part of the Backyard Sessions, which took place earlier this summer when the new blonde brought her band together to perform some of her favorite singles.

Watch, listen and react below.


black lipstick?? come on.....? ew. that's just sooo grosss.imagine kissing THAT!!! i think her lips must be decaying and rotting.ew ew ew.she looks like a cheap wonder she dint come to the top like taylor swift or get hot guys like selena.i used to wonder why she aint as popular as britney or gaga.see this is why.i got an advice for miley." STICK TO WHO U ARE, AND HOW THE PEOPLE USED TO SEE U,DONT TRY TO COPY SOMEONE ELSE,IT DOESNT SUIT U,U THINK CHOPPING OF ALL OFF UR HAIR IS GONNA MAKE U A BIG STAR LIKE MADDONA.NO I DONT THINK SO.EW.U LOOK LIKE A CRACK.I USED TO ENVY YOUR HAIR ON HM BUT NOW U R GONNA ENVY MINE IN TURN''.


omg she looks horrid.what's wrong with her.where's that cute, beautiful girl ive seen on hm many times.she has changed a lot,not in a good a bid fan of hers.but now its jus'' i used to like that bitch.''
she's trying to copy someone and trying to be something else thats so definetly does NOT suit her a days i think emily osment sound way better than miley cyrus.atleast she dint turn as a creepo like,miley looks like she smokes.does drug and etc etc.i pity poor liam hemsworth.


I think I'm in love again?


she looks lyk an ugly vampire in the photo.but u people are overeacting.i know that the haircut sucks big tym but miley was able 2 pull it off and not many people can do that!so wellplayed miley!u still look amazing.besides its her hair she can whatever she wants with it she can even go bald for all i care!i lyk her music and personality (she's not afraid of being herself) and not her outside look.


Her hair looks so dumb if there was a match between miley n pink,,,id pic pink...


As a mom of six, most of who are grown, I see a young woman struggling with her identity as a person. No, not in a sexual way, simply as a person who found fame very young, love very young, wealth very young, and is wondering "what now"?
This young woman has always been a rebel but has had fairly decent publicists and handlers or her obvious attempts at notariety over the years would have been much worse.
I hope that Miley finds her way without too much damage to herdelf, career,


She better find herself b4 its to late


looking like a tramp. shocking.


realy guys mileys amazing soooo amazing cantwait for the album and a tour!


To be such a beauty she looks dumb! A troll doll looks better. She needs to humble herself and admit she made an ass out of herself, and put extensions. Pink can support that look. She needs hair!

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Miley Cyrus Hair
Miley Cyrus has evolved tremendously over the years. Initially known for portraying Hannah Montana, the singer/actress made an effort to... More »
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Destiny Hope Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Quotes

Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love every one of you and I could not be more appreciative. God bless you.

Miley Cyrus [at a concert, soon after photo scandal broke]

I have let myself down. I will learn from my mistakes and trust my support team. My family and my faith will guide me through my life's journey.

Miley Cyrus [on lewd photos]