Michelle Obama DNC Speech: In Praise of "The Man We Can Trust"

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The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, lovingly praised her husband Tuesday night in a prime-time Democratic National Convention speech.

Michelle called President Barack Obama caring father at home and a "man we can trust" to revive the nation's weak economy despite its slow recovery.

"He reminds me that we are playing a long game here ... and that change is hard, slow and never happens all at once," she told the Charlotte, N.C. crowd.

"But eventually, we will get there, we always do."

Michelle Obama's well-received speech blended scenes from 23 years of marriage with Barack to the couple's time in the White House since 2009.

Obama confided that at family dinners in the White House with their two daughters, the president joins in "strategizing about middle school friendships."

The self-described "mom in chief" made no mention of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney in a distinctly positive, and inspiring, personal appeal to voters.

Those who preceded her to the podium had plenty to say about Romney, however.

Julian Castro's DNC keynote speech drew a sharp contrast between what he described as Obama's opportunity society and his opponent's candidacy of no.

Election 2012:


I would give her a C+ and Ann Romney an A. Ann Romney spoke in terms of trying to convince the public that they weren't always rich and that rich people do struggle on their way to a better life. Obama- she almost sounded like a Republican the 1st 15 minutes! Talking about how to be responsible and take care of your own family- then she got off on a coffees table at a Garage sale. She was trying to sell the people on the thought that he wasn't a socialist and wanted to do right. It's a damn Shame after 4 years you have to sell America on the thought that her President Husband is actually a god fearing American who actually wants people to prosper- but here we are. Obama can keep his change- The pennies included! Romney- 2012


OBonehead still walks around like a deer in headlights,he is way over his head trying to fix anything,,all this jackass (along with fellow jackass Eric Hold er,Biden etc) have done for four years is racebait and further inflame the racial fire,,pathetic losers.


Mister coolero jumped into marriage and did a soul dive in 2011. We also have children with the royal family. Typical black man. Boo.


Obama should get four more years bush screwed things up badly he got four more .No one could have fixed things in four years things were horrible .If you change now the things in place will be wasted and you will be starting over that is stupid.If you really want change choose the senate more wisely that is the real power.

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