Michelle Obama DNC Speech: In Praise of "The Man We Can Trust"

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The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, lovingly praised her husband Tuesday night in a prime-time Democratic National Convention speech.

Michelle called President Barack Obama caring father at home and a "man we can trust" to revive the nation's weak economy despite its slow recovery.

"He reminds me that we are playing a long game here ... and that change is hard, slow and never happens all at once," she told the Charlotte, N.C. crowd.

"But eventually, we will get there, we always do."

Michelle Obama's well-received speech blended scenes from 23 years of marriage with Barack to the couple's time in the White House since 2009.

Obama confided that at family dinners in the White House with their two daughters, the president joins in "strategizing about middle school friendships."

The self-described "mom in chief" made no mention of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney in a distinctly positive, and inspiring, personal appeal to voters.

Those who preceded her to the podium had plenty to say about Romney, however.

Julian Castro's DNC keynote speech drew a sharp contrast between what he described as Obama's opportunity society and his opponent's candidacy of no.

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@Chely Oh, Jesus, don't tell me! You actually found something GOOD about Mitt Romney?!? I may be female like you, but I call 'em as I see 'em. It's no more than what you've done in the past! You don't hold back either! Point is you had a lame point to make about Ann Romney. Women DO matter...and so do those politician's wives! Maybe you're the one who should refrain from political statements. Politics are harsh at times, yet as the old saying goes, "truth hurts", huh?

Wv peach

Go Chely!! That was an awesome post!


@diana. Liberal bitch huh? And what does that make u? A classy lady? Ur pissed because I called u out on ur biased bull shit so u revert to name calling. U come here talking about liberal this liberal that when ur just as bad but on the other side of the coin. I can tell u one thing tho I know mitt Romney respects woman way more than u do. Calling a fellow female a bitch really just makes u look like trash and not able to control ur emotions. Maybe u shouldnt be making political statements if u can't take the criticism.


I for one enjoyed Mrs. Obama's speech. She reassured the hope that Obama gave in the 2008 election. I admire the way she stood by her husband. It takes time to change something that was already screwed up from the start. People are so ignorant, but they let Bush run for 8 years. And look how great he did.


@Chely If the Presidential candidates' wives had no real impact on voters/viewers? Michelle and Ann wouldn't have been on the speaker's list! Get real, you idiot! There's power in them WOMANLY words! If you're such a big, fat Democrat liberal? NOBODY should have to tell you just how important a WOMAN'S perspective is...how deeply the Democrat jackasses respect WOMEN...love WOMEN...are the party of WOMEN!! Need I say more, liberal bitch?!?


@Daina- M Obama should have stayed off the " Complete Justification Makeover" regarding her husband. It was obvious that it was a speech to counter Ann Romney and it was more than obvious it was scripted. It's like she had to think of stuff to say towards the end! "Michelle- we have to do something- It's not right what's going on"- as he reads the 10 letters! He checked the crib over and over to see if they were still breathing? That's all fine and freaking dandy ok- but she didn't tell me a damn thing that has to do with Jobs! She wanted to humanize him or make him seem approachable and I'm sorry- NO SALE! Bad move her speaking on that subject matter- in a word- COUNTERFEIT!


@ Chely- I thought you were going to stay on your side of the street. I don't give a damn enough about you to comment on anything you say- always looking for a fight aren't you. You keep to yourself- I'm tired of you calling my name!


Seriously WHO cares which wife gave a better speech? They wont be running this country their husbands will. To argue about which wife talked better is a joke and waste of time. And if Michele gave a better speech u would never admit it anyways Daina.


Ann Romney DID give the better speech! She has an impact that Michelle "I'm-Finally-Proud-Of-My-Country" Obama could NEVER emulate! Ann is forceful, compassionate and well-spoken. She sent a clear message about who her husband really is and what he stands for. She's to be admired. Michelle O. can only hope to be half as compelling as Ann Romney was!


@Matt ur so biased who really gives a fuck what ur opinion is anymore? U lie about my comments that are in plain site for people to read. When I challenge u on these lies u put in my mouth u say nothing. So ur opinion is tainted and biased. U talk about dems having excuses yet turn around and use the same excuses for ur own party. Its quite funny.

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