Michael Clarke Duncan Cause of Death: Respiratory Failure

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According to the official death certificate for Michael Clarke Duncan, the 54-year old actor passed away one week ago from respiratory failure.

Obtained by TMZ, the document confirms the initial belief that Duncan suffered anoxic encephalopathy (severe lack of oxygen to the brain) in the aftermath of his July 13 heart attack, during which he was revived through CPR by fiancee Omarosa Manigaul.

Duncan's organs were severely - permanently, as it turned out - damaged by the episode.

Michael Clarke Duncan Picture

Other underlying causes for this tragedy were listed as: ventricular fibrillation (irregular quivering heartbeat), acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) and organ nodules (sarcoidosis).

Duncan was laid to rest this afternoon at Forest Lawn cemetery in Hollywood. The ceremony was attended by such stars as Tom Hanks, Kimberly Elise, Holly Robinson Peete, Bill Duke, Diane Ladd and Vivica A. Fox.

Our thoughts continue to go out to his loved ones.


No wht all ways good ones god no best
He now aka angel .of heavn he a big star
U see him in peace .he try come back
Bt big guy up stairs need him more.he in white see ever one .he no not fear.bt he cant be in,pain no,more.he had his reason
Ps to his new wife .stay strong.he love u somuch .u had a goodman,he ok he see u.smile.amen


Im so sorry,R.I.P. Micheal,u touched my heart,n was a great actor,:(


Just beacuse I'm 12 I will still miss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Im so sorry that happend my husband has MS and has a trac so i know the lack of ox part im so sorry rest in peace u where so awasome


lack of oxygen?