Maxwell Drew Johnson Bikini Photo: Too Cute or Too Soon?

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Jessica Simpson's diet and post-pregnancy body aren't the only reasons she's making news this week. Check out this new photo of her baby girl Maxi!

Yep, that's little Maxwell Drew Johnson, age four months, rocking a bikini. 

Jess revealed the pic on Katie Couric's talk show this week, immediately drawing criticism from some parenting groups who took issue with the image.

Maxwell Drew Johnson Bikini Photo

Kidscape called it "inappropriate" and implied that baby bikini photos like this one "contribute to the sexualization and commercialization of childhood."

Jessica Simpson, sexualization and commercialization do go hand-in-hand.

There's no question kids grow up too fast, but at the same time, can Maxi really be objectified at four months? Can mom have no fun dressing her?

We can see both sides. Tell us what you think below:

Jessica Simpson's baby wearing a bikini ...


She's need'sto tell all of these parenting groups to KISS her ASS!!!!!


She looks soooo cute people need to back off . Shes a baby dont understand wat the big deal is..An im sure they put sun protection on her people r


Really??? this world is in a shambles and people are getting all riled up over Jessica Simpson showing a picture of her baby in a bikini... Geez I must of seen a dozen pics posted on fb this summer of people's babies in bikini's the tragedy of it all... She hasnt done anything wrong.... the picture was cute and tastefull she just wanted to share with the world how cute she is... get over it already SMDH!!!


maxwell is absolutely beautiful. the bikini is not my taste for a child so young but every parent is different. i dnt think jessica meant any harm with the pic. ppl are just going overboard


Also, I'm sorry heather but 4 months old baby do not have a concept of 'I want to look like mommy'. So your argument is like a few years too early


It's like a man wearing a 2 pieces, just ewww! Wait till the baby don't look like a baby boy first then dress her in bikini, and post the photo. ATM, it's just wrong in every angles, and the bikini colour is just bad.


They would find fault with anything! Every mom dresses their baby up in outfits! Little girls wear bikinis because they want to look like their moms or aunts or whatever. They dont see the sexual side, adults do. And yes adults are the ones who have to watch that it doesnt go too far. But shes a baby and its adorable! Leave Jessica alone!


VILE..just wrong..looks like a sick joke pic tht has been set up bt no it is in fact a REAL photo..I'm all about kids lukn cute bt sexualisation of a baby at 4months is awful,not to mention a full one piece would protect frm UV rays considerably more...


I think people need to just leave her alone. all mothers are different she isn't doing anything wrong. she's not the only one who dresses their baby in a bikini. people need to get a life and let her enjoy being a mommy!

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