Maxwell Drew Johnson Bikini Photo: Too Cute or Too Soon?

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Jessica Simpson's diet and post-pregnancy body aren't the only reasons she's making news this week. Check out this new photo of her baby girl Maxi!

Yep, that's little Maxwell Drew Johnson, age four months, rocking a bikini. 

Jess revealed the pic on Katie Couric's talk show this week, immediately drawing criticism from some parenting groups who took issue with the image.

Maxwell Drew Johnson Bikini Photo

Kidscape called it "inappropriate" and implied that baby bikini photos like this one "contribute to the sexualization and commercialization of childhood."

Jessica Simpson, sexualization and commercialization do go hand-in-hand.

There's no question kids grow up too fast, but at the same time, can Maxi really be objectified at four months? Can mom have no fun dressing her?

We can see both sides. Tell us what you think below:

Jessica Simpson's baby wearing a bikini ...


forget the bikini....what is UP with that name?'s a girl with a TOTAL "BOY NAME".....that poor child is going to get bullied, when it's older. alisa


Cute baby - it's not like she is selling kiddie porn - looks pretty innocent. Anybody who thinks this is sick is probably a pedophile in the making, or a left wing liberal with no common sense. lol. I agree with just about everyone else here, lighten up for Christ's sake! WWJD


What a pretty baby. Nah, she's a California kid who will most likely grow up wearing bikinis at the pool or beach. I don't think it's inappropriate. Better than Daisy Dukes!


But the tan lines on this caucasian baby are going to look a little ackward...


She is a baby and beautiful. Anyone who thinks its wrong is showing their stupidity. If you want to complain about kids in bikinis then stop targeting the 4 month old and her mother and go after the little girls and their parents on Toddlers and Tiaras......there is a group that needs help!


She looks cute! They live in California its hot and whats the kid supposed wear. As a mother of three older children I will admit my Kids went in the pool with only a diaper at times. No big deal jessica dont pay attention to others opinions. Be happy enjoy your baby.


Knit picking?


OMG its a baby. Why would it be problem for anyone? The baby could be naked and it shouldn't be a problem for anyone. GET OVER IT!!

Avatar's cute to post pictures of babies in nothing but a diaper, but this is inappropriate? people need to stop taking everything so seriously and sexually, it's nothing but a mom posting a cute picture of her baby...


I chose inappropriate not because I'm being prudish, but because it just isn't flattering. My opinion is this is not a cute look for a baby.

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