Matt Lauer on Al Roker Shenanigans, Today Show Ratings: No Worries!

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Matt Lauer may have signed an 11-figure deal to remain lead anchor on The Today Show earlier this summer, but it's been anything but smooth sailing for the reporter since.

Many blame Lauer for the Ann Curry mess. The program is now regular destroyed by Good Morning America in the ratings. Al Roker appears to be poking fun at his coworkers on a regular basis.

And, yesterday, Today chose to air an interview with Kris Jenner instead of observing a 9/11-based moment of silence.

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Where is Lauer's head these days as a result of such developments?

He tells TMZ that there's no beef with Roker and, sure, there's pressure for the show to succeed. But no more than usual

"We feel the heat every day," Lauer says. "But we have for the last 20 years that I've been there. We're just trying to do the best show we can do every single day ... and I think we're doing a good job right now ... and I think the cycle will reverse."

Are you still watching The Today Show?


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I have been a long time fan and viewer of the TODAY SHOW. When they fired the lovely Ann Curry, with no care whatsoever, I immediately boycotted the show to demonstrate support for Ann. I am now a GMA viewer.


Same here. Will watch good morning America until Matt is gone!


I stopped watching after they fired Anne Curry. She was a real warm human, not a cookie cutter careerist like he replacements.Plus it is just sick to blame her for the dip in ratings. Makes me think the top dog producers are mean and short-sighed,and I don't want to support that.


just be glad for him.
HE WILL DIE PENNY & WORRYLESS. (his debts will die with him)


Matt . . . Rot in hell.


If a Kardashian is that important than remembering a horrific day in American history, the Today Show has its days numbered. I don't care if they spent a couple of hours on 9/11 early. When Whitney Houston died, I had to hear about that for two weeks. Just saying.


I wish you had not fired Ann. She made the show a cut above the others, always a lady, cared about other people, was sincere, and not a show off. I used to like Matt well enough, but he had become rather insufferable. His ego is very large. Ann came through as a three-dimensional lady. The others, with the exception of perhaps Al, are see-through showoffs. "Where in the world is Matt Lauer? I wish gone. The Today show was always my favorite, no more.
Harryette Loschke


I will not watch the Today Show until Matt Lauer has been fired. I cannot stand him. Matt is a back stabbing narcissist that everyone hates. How unbelievably incompetent are the execs at NBC? That ridiculous pandering to Jay Leno over the Tonight Show/Conan debacle, and now obsessively backing Matt Lauer at all costs. The NBC execs should be fired along with Matt Lauer for making one asinine decision after the next.


11 figures? That's in the 10 billions. Is that correct? Sounds WAY too extravagant.


Matt Lauer needs to go. He needs to be fired in disgrace like they did to Ann. Then they need to being Ann back. I won't watch again until Matt has been fired.

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